Give Your Business a New Edge With ASP.NET Development

asp .net

In the early days of the web, most of the web pages were static and needed to be constantly updated manually every time. In 1997, with the release if IIS  (Internet Information Services), and Active Server Pages.NET (ASP.NET) later on, dynamic pages could be built. These pages are executed server side and display the results to the browser.

ASP.NET Development brought with it a great revolution in the way website were created and how they function. Businesses saw great benefit in using .NET development for their web requirements.

asp dotnet development

It is used to create dynamic website, rich web pages and web applications with great features.

ASP.NET benefits are numerous. Here are some of the strongest points to consider when you select ASP.NET for building your business website.

  • Large applications can be built with least amount of code. (At least reduced amount of code.)
  • Safe and highly secure applications can be built due to built in Windows Authentication and features for per application configuration.

  • Out of the box early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services greatly improve the performance of asp based applications.

  • The framework has a rich toolbox that helps build great apps.

  • Source code as well as HTML can be used by a developer. The Source code is executed on the sever. This provides for great efficiency in the operation of the web applications.

  • development is language independent. You can choose the language best suited for your business and develop accordingly.

  • The web server continuously monitors the application. Any abnormal activities like memory leaks, infinite loops etc – it restarts and notifies you.

  • ASP.NET offers you with on the fly updates – no server restart needed. So, good for businesses that need greater server up times.

  • Built in features for caching the frequently requested pages.

  • You can even localize the content for specific languages. Good for localization of global businesses.

  • Full support for XML, CSS and all new web standards.

  • Asp dot net allows developers to develop websites using all different languages like J#, VB, C#, etc.

  • Visual Studio is the tool that developers use for creating software and compelling ASP based websites.

ASP.NET is the next generation platform for web development. It’s robust and provides businesses with everything they need for their web requirements. Whether small or large enterprise websites, .NET can support all the features you need.

ASP.NET Web development has become the way of the web. Even if you consider that open source is a threat to the proprietary platforms, it difficult to beat the stability, security and the class that asp provides websites with features for development, the ability to stand the test of time, strong development and support backing from the world’s greatest software company and high quality promise. ASP.NET stands as an indisputable choice when it comes to selecting a web development platform for businesses that require well documented, licensed and software with a strong ownership.

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