GMI – A Perfect Partner In Offering Quality PHP Web Development Services

So, what does PHP stand for? Well, originally it stood for Personal Home Page but now on it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a well known server side coding language for designing great web super-structures but at the same time it also used as a general programming language tool for developers around the world. As on February 2014, PHP has been used by over 250 million websites and 3.3 million web servers. PHP additionally is powered by Zend engine which makes it truly agile & fast web application.

PHP codes can be integrated with HTML codes or it can be integrated with a set of various engines & web structures to create dynamic & responsive web sites to create awesome user experience. It has the capability to deliver quality & feature rich web development services & its famous for designing truly user friendly sites as well. PHP scripts are processed through interpreters through the server’s native structures or through a executable common gateway interface. Once the PHP code is interpreted by the processor, the server sends the output to the client & shows the web page to the end user.

PHP can be used on all Operating Systems (OS) like Linux, Unix, MS Windows, Mac OS X & RISC OS to name a few. PHP is also compatible with various web servers today namely – Apache, IIS, Nginx & many more. PHP can work either as a module or as a CGI processor. PHP allows the developer to choose the operating system as well as the server freely in designing great web sites. It also enables the developer to choose native programing, object oriented programing or a mixture of both to deliver quality web services to end users around the world. One of the most strongest points of PHP are its features to support various databases. PHP enables developers to write database friendly codes & it can integrate smoothly with MySQL DB server as well. PHP’s ability to support various protocols is quite commendable too. It supports LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM (for Windows) and many others.

There are three main aspects to consider in offering quality PHP web development services & delivering quality PHP application development services to clients as follows: –

  • Scripting On The Server Side – This is the most native & the prime aspect in PHP. You require 3 things to make it functional – Parser, Server & a Browser. It requires a PHP installation in order to get access to PHP program output through a web browser for viewing the PHP friendly page from a web server. You can run them on your locally hosted machine if you are running this program.
  • Command Line Scripting –  This allows PHP program to run without any server or any we browsing support. The only thing that is needed is the PHP parser to run it. This form of usage is ideally for scripts executing Task Scheduler (on Windows) & they can be used for easy & simple processing of texts & tasks.
  • Writing Codes In Desktop PHP Application Development – PHP may not be the best scripting language with a GUI but if the developer understands PHP well then he/she would like to use rich features like PHP-GTK to write web based programs. This enables to write codes on cross-platform applications in this way. PHP-GTK is an extension feature to PHP & hence not offered in the main distribution to developers. It is however available from websites to be downloaded freely for developers.

Grey Matter India is a leading PHP website development company in India offering quality PHP web development & PHP application development services to clients world wide with strong focus on providing optimum customer satisfaction by offering quality scripting & programing services to clients across the globe. We offer PHP web development services at cost effective rates to the clients & design web architectures as per their tastes & preferences. We hire best of the creative programing minds to design websites & offer quality services to them in an efficient & effective manner. Grey Matte India keeps itself abreast of the latest technology trends in the industry which makes us a perfect partner in PHP application development space. We also offer 24X7 customer support to clients across the world to resolve teething issues arising in the PHP application development process & ensure that the website if fully functional at all times.

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