Guidelines For A Successful Offshore Software Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing of the software application often help organizations realize substantial cost savings by helping them send a few critical functions overseas, where labor costs are very low as compared to their country. Of course, this is one of the major reasons why businesses or companies prefer to choose a professional offshore software development company, but it’s not easy as you think. While outsourcing your software requirements, you should consider a lot of other aspects apart from costs.

Today, due to frequent security breaches, it has become important for the businesses to ensure that they outsource their software development project to a right kind of offshore software development company. It is important that you don’t forget to verify all the documents offered by the offshore outsourcing firms before move ahead for the outsourcing your project. In this article, we’re going to discuss about the documents that are inevitable for a successful deal in software outsourcing. Here’re the documents one should check:

  • One of the very first document will be a requirement specification document. Ensure you get it from the outsourcing partner. The Requirement Specification document for software outsourcing contains,

 The aim: It is nothing but a document containing basic objectives and details regarding the software development team.

  1. The goals: It is a list of desired outcome to fit various stages in the true solution and, must be specified clearly.
  2. Prominent characteristics: Highlight the diversified features involved in the projects  identified and defined.
  3. Issues related to “look and feel”: Declaring various issues related to the look and feel.
  4. Support and maintenance: An outsourcing service provider should mention clear details about the support and maintenance.
  5. Complete Documentation: The whole development activities involved, including logic & coding must be documented. A detailed user manual has to be prepared; if one is dealing with upgrades of software applications.
  6. Terms and conditions: One should also ensure that the terms and conditions are also mentioned in the document.
  • Ensure you get the proposal analysis document. It is nothing but a refinement document generally proposed by the vendors of India. It usually consists the overall project scope, payment criterion and so on.
  • The third one is a very important part of your outsourcing deal, a contract execution document. Make sure you verify the document.
  • The Software Development Plan, which consists of the basic steps of software development including, software development and design specification, quality assurance plan, communication, risks involved in the offshore outsourcing and more.

Before you approach to any offshore software development company, it is important you understand the basic documents and risks involved in outsourcing your software application to the third-party development firm.

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