Hibernate Development

To solve many problem pertaining to (Java Enterprise development), GMI embraces Hibernate framework programming. Being a leading Java service provider, GMI deals in latest Java-based technologies offering you the experience of contemporary and high-class Hibernate applications development. We believe in implementing cost-effective solutions through latest technology and innovation.

Under development for over a year, Hibernate ORM framework is well known open source technology associated to Java. It is a powerful technology for persisting data in any kind of application. Being an open source, Hibernate framework development is very cheap as the technology is available free of cost under the LGPL.

Databases are complex to implement, especially, when components of database based on two different approaches (object-oriented and relational) want to interact. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) act as a mediator helping communication between the two approaches. To assist Hibernate ORM framework programming, it can be easily integrated with spring architecture.

GMI acquires an expert and professional team to create best Hibernate 3.0 applications. With exhaustive knowledge and impeccable methodologies, our team can make any complexity, simpler. GMI stands to be your ultimate destination for all Java technologies.

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