How Can ASP.NET MVC Implementation Help Enterprise Web Application Development?

Talking about the enterprise application, this is a much more complex and different entity as compared to a simple web application. It requires a more systematic, cleaner and scalable approach for enterprise web application development. What better can be than ASP.NET MVC technology for the purpose? ASP.Net development enables better development of rich web applications which with the help of MVC implementation can become more systematic, enterprise friendly and also robust. MVC, also called the Model View Controller architecture is a suitable architectural design to support the development of enterprise based web applications that require to be scalable in order to accommodate the structured growth of the software with the future changes.

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This blog explores various advantages organizations can get by using the MVC implementation for ASP.NET application development and they are as follows.

  • Separation of Data, Business Logic and Presentation
    As the name itself suggests, Model represents the business layer, View represents the presentation layer and Controller represents the data. Now the presentation is kept separate from the business logic and hence, providing for ease of development as logic is not mixed with the design of the application. Hence, it is for this loosely coupled architectural design, that developers prefer using it for development of enterprise applications that demand changes with future developments. Hence, making changes in MVC based applications would be easier to do as presentation could be easily altered without changing the logic and vice versa.
  • Quality Ensured with Test Driven Development Approach
    One of the basic things to ensure quality .NET application development or any application development is to write clean code which is properly structured as well as timely tested as well. MVC architecture facilitates for testing of the individual component or code as soon as it is developed and hence, ensures better development process with quality at its best.
  • Development with Latest Technologies
    MVC based programming is being supported by more and technologies and hence, when opting for ASP.NET MVC implementation for your enterprise application, you can very well have different options in terms of technologies to be used for the purpose. PHP frameworks like Yii and Zend support MVC, while ASP.NET MVC based apps can run on Windows, OSX and Linux thereby developers and designers from a whole new segment can now leverage this technology for their purpose.
  • Easy Integration with other Technologies
    The MVC architecture facilitates for easy migration of the application to other advanced technology or calls for easy integration of various technologies for betterment of the application. Technologies like  jQuery, JSON, AngularJS and other mobile application technologies are easy to integrate with ASP.NET MVC apps and hence, it is possible to develop scalable future oriented apps with ASP.NET MVC framework.
  • Better HTML Control
    ASP.NET MVC architecture offers better HTML control to its users so that they can easily make up the modifications required to the user interface and front end elements as required without much time overhead. Hence, incorporating future presentation changes with enterprise web applications would not be an issue when it is ASP.NET with MVC.

Hence, it is high time that businesses should go for ASP.NET application development for creation of rich web applications based on ASP.NET MVC architecture in order to get the best futuristic benefits for their enterprise.

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