How Mobile Apps Are Shaping The Face Of Agriculture?

For decades, most of the nation’s economy largely depend upon agriculture. The important sector continues to be the sole livelihood of millions of farmers across the globe. More than half of the farmers are locked in a cycle of low productivity and poverty.

How Mobile Apps Are Shaping The Face Of Agriculture

Fluctuating weather conditions, less availability of healthy soil, water, air and more affecting the food crops growth and productivity wherein the farmers’ hard work won’t paid off. Here, having knowledge and skills are not enough, the farmers need to be updated with time-sensitive critical information.

Lack of such information sometimes destroy the crop. And, alas left the farmer in vain!

That’s where proper dissemination of right information at right time through mobile applications would help. Leveraging mobile technology is the best option to go ahead as mobile phone usage is as easily accessible as running water.

The agriculture mobile apps are more than just information transmission. They offers a lot more to the customers.

Let’s scratch the surface to shed some light over the benefits of mobile applications in agriculture that’s barely known.

1) Know right practices to employ

Getting all the information from what crop is best to grow to the final selling, is now available at few taps away. The mobile app assist farmers to know how to plant crops, which fertilizers to use, what the best time to harvest the crop is and a lot more. Also, the mobile app connect the farmers to the buyers’ market where they can sell the crop at best price.

2) Track agriculture equipment

There are a lot of tools and vehicles such as tractors, pickups, backhoes, lawn mowers, skid-loaders combines, sprayers and loaders that farm owners have, which is really difficult to handle and keep record of them. Also, their maintenance like- changing oil, filters, tires, and instant repairs and timely services is quite a task that sometimes the owners forget. Here, the mobile app where the inventory of all the machinery and its maintenance is kept record of, is the best way to handle all the equipment hassle-free.

3) Manage farming on-the-go

Farm management is the most arduous task for the owners that’s cannot be imagined to done without being physically present over the field. Right?

But, it is possible using mobile apps. Yes, the app was engineered by the forward-thinking farm owners to enable farming business management in the palm of hands. Owners can efficiently track all field activities such as planting, spraying, weeding, scouting, irrigation, harvesting, and pretty more at the fingertips. The data remain saved on mobile app that owners can share with anyone anytime.

4) Promote farming

Declining growth and poor yield demotivating the new generation to engage themselves in farming. The farming mobile app do not let happen this with the creation of community. The community connects all the people engaged in agriculture where they can share tips, advice or comments related to farming. Also, farmers can ask any question if they struggle somewhere and it will inspire the youth as well who are unwilling to join this profession.


Leading farmers are harvesting the best out of mobile technology to increase the yield and productivity. In a bid to save time, efforts and resources, and heighten ROI, building a mobile app which suits agriculture needs is the best alternative to get ahead of the market. Transform the most difficult task into run-off-the-mill job with mobile app development.

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