How To Get Over From The Google’s Hummingbird Update?

At the time when Google has launched its Hummingbird update was introduced, many SEO professionals and service providers have sat down till late evening or even for a few days to discuss and find the ways to prevent their websites being affected by the recent update from Google. Google has made several official statements about the recent algorithm change. However, many businesses have changed their SEO services in India to find better alternatives or strategies to get themselves safeguard from the Hummingbird update.

The Hummingbird update is different from the rest of the updates is that it rewards sites it deems great answer to a specific searcher’s intent. Are you feeling that your website has been affected by the Hummingbird update from Google? Do you feel your SEO services in India are not helping you recover from it? If the answer is affirmative, here are the interesting and effective things you can do to overcome the hummingbird update from Google:

Try to break down conversational queries

We all know that Hummingbird distills the lengthy conversational queries to shorter. Therefore, try to use keywords that can easily sum up longer search results. You can also create pages for separate query types, such as informational, navigational or transactional. Always prefer to use conversation-type keywords as they are appropriate to use within the website.

Try to utilize synonymous search terms

It is important to know that Hummingbird update not only consider keywords, but their synonymous terms found within a web page. Therefore, now it is time for the webmasters to optimize keywords that often appears in similar contexts within a web page. You can also leverage from the Google’s webmaster tools to get an idea about the keywords. You can also note down the highlighted keywords within the search results to know which keywords Google consider as synonymous.

Revise your anchor test strategy

Anchor text use to be important for the SEO, and the Hummingbird also considers the same. Make sure you perform inventory of all your internet link anchor texts. Try to avoid using keyword-rich anchor text and use meaningful anchor texts for better results. Also, make sure you only use relevant keywords near the anchor texts to get maximum benefit from it.

Make difference in the search results

Hummindbird brings a wide range of results based on the intent of the website. Ensure you analyze which vertical search result shows up for your keywords and utilize it for your website. Apart from this, make sure you’ve the right kind of content with high quality that suit your website in order stand out from the rest of the competitors or websites.

Ensure that you keep in mind all the aspects while approaching for SEO services in India to leverage from it and to get over from the Hummingbird update from Google. Do you have more recipes to share to help overcome from the Hummingbird update from Google? Share it in the comments…!

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