How To Prepare Your Online Store For Successful Q4?

The year is heading towards its end and you are yet to achieve the targets you had set. Well, it’s the same with almost everyone; so you need not worry. In this modern web age, there is no scarcity of eCommerce store development companies. The professionals will help you build the store; but it is you who have to plan strategies, play safe and achieve the goals by the end of the year. So, if you are yet to touch the finish line, worry not! Here are some of the best tricks for you that will help you increase the average order values, get high conversion rate and get more engagement.

Ecommerce Development

1. Upselling will help you get the high average order values!
In this festive season, every dollar counts! So, never ever miss a chance to add a few more items to the carts of customers. Try different ways to add items in their carts; just before they are about to checkout. One way to do that is to recommend low cost items in their carts which are related to the products they are buying. Also, you can recommended the items that they have already had shown interest by browsing history. In the malls and brick and mortar stores, there are racks of the cheap items near the billing counters. This is because people are mentally set about the amount they are going to spend and while checking out, they will not add much to that amount. However, they can easily get attracted to the low cost items and can add them to their cart. The same goes with the online shopping. This is the reason you should recommend the low cost items during their check out, as it increases the chances of convincing them to add them to their carts.

2. Improve the customer retention by sending personalized emails
Just like hand written envelopes attract people more than the printed one, the personalized emails will be more effective than the standard ones. Every competitor will put do the festive make over in their emails, but you must stand out the crowd by putting it extremely relevant product recommendations into the email. You can search the same by looking at their previous orders or previously browsed products. This will inspire return visits to your online store.

3. Landing page recommendations will help you increase ROI of PPC campaign
In the holiday season, the PPC budgets keep soaring high until they hit the roof. So, it might be expensive for you to get the targeted customers to your website. However, you need not start spending a lot on marketing. Instead, one good idea is to add landing page recommendations to your website. This will help you increase the ROI. As you have not got the buyers for free, make sure you do not let them go in any case!

The above mentioned points will certainly help you achieve your goals, so make sure you learn from these tips and make the most out of it. Good luck for the same!

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