Importance of NoSQL over Relational Databases

Every application whether is developed using .NET or any other programming language, it requires some external source to store and access data and this can either be a local network, a cloud file system or even a database. While sources like network and cloud file systems store the unstructured data, the structured data is usually stored in a typical relational database management system or RDBMS. The RDBMS operates with relational data model using schema for storing data into tables and is usually queried with SQL language for data operations. Usually it’s a time consuming process to define, structure, distribute and access data from RDBMS through structured query language and hence, an alternative was developed for this called the NoSQL database.

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NoSQL or the so-called Not-Only SQL database stores the unstructured data in JSON format and provides a unique data storage and access mechanism that is quite different from the tabular relations in RDBMS. These unstructured databases are widely known for their non-relational and schema less data model, improved performance and scalability factors which are always an issue with relational database systems. The NoSQL databases are basically developed to meet the requirements of the modern cloud-based decentralized apps and are a good solution as compared to the relational databases in many ways. Below are a few benefits that reveal the importance of NoSQL databases over the relational database management systems.

Continuous Availability

The various relational databases may show up modern to high availability for the data transactions while this is much better with the NoSQL databases which excellently show up continuous availability to cope up with different sorts of data transactions at any point of time and in difficult situations.

Low Latency Rate

It is easy and less time consuming to derive data from the unstructured data models in the Not-Only SQL databases. Hence, response times with these databases are fast enough and can handle the most intense operations for the applications.

Easy Scalability

With NoSQL, it’s easy to scale database for current and future requirements. These databases can easily handle data partitioning across multiple servers to meet the increasing data storage requirements. It’s quite affordable to scale a NoSQL database in which inexpensive hardware or servers can be utilized for the purpose as compared to the relational databases which require expensive hardware solutions to meet up the scalability issues arising out of growing needs.

Ability to handle changes

The schema-less structure of the NoSQL databases helps it cope up easily with the changes coming with time. There is a universal index provided for structure, values and text found in the data and hence, it’s easy for the organizations to cope with the changes immediately using this information.

Support for Multiple Data Structures

Irrespective of the data structure supported by the application, NoSQl database can cater well to its data requirements. For example, let it be a simple object oriented structure or a highly complex, inter-related data structure, these unstructured databases can well meet all kinds of data needs of the applications. Simple binary values, strings, lists to complex parent-child hierarchies, related information values, graph stores etc., can all be well handled with Not-Only SQL database.

However, to get the best benefits of a database management system for an application, it requires experts to help. If you are looking to develop .NET applications backed with NoSQL database solution for your enterprise, Grey Matter India can provide the best support required. The company has the most experienced and qualified dotnet and database professionals who can easily cater to different .NET application needs of the enterprises.

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