iOS 7.1 Released With Many Subtle Feature Changes And Bug Fixes

iOS 7.1 is already out and users have already tried it and shown appreciation for it’s awesome features. Agreed that it is not an overhaul of features, but it has a few very distinct yet subtle changes and improvements. Apple has made the world’s most advanced operating system even more advanced and claims that it is packed with interface refinements, several bug fixes and new features and improvements. Let’s take a trip around the new features and improvements that iOS7.1 holds.

CarPlay for a smarter and safer driving experience
CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone in a better way while driving. You can place all the things you want to do while you drive on your car’s built in display. This would mean things like music, pick a call, disconnect, send message use maps etc. You now have a smarter way of using iPhone with your car’s system and make driving more safe and fun.

Parallax can be turned off without affecting animations
With iOS7.1 you can easily turn off parallax and viola your transition animations are intact! Only parallax turns off.  With the older iOS 7, the only option was to turn on “Reduce Motion” which successfully turned off parallax and also the animations along with it! Also, with the new iOS7.1 the reduce motion includes features like Weather, Messages, and multitasking UI animations.

Siri is advanced and more intelligent
Siri sound more natural – good to know feature especially for UK and Australian English, Japanese, and Mandarin languages. Siri allows you to speak to it by holding the home button and releasing it when you are done. Well, keeping up with the advanced features promise, Apple’s Siri is now intelligent enough to recognize when you stopped speaking too!

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR)
For those passionate photographers or those who just try their hand at it, iPhone now has a HDR that is automated. High Dynamic Range Imaging is now an included auto feature in the camera. This features is available only for iPhone 5s.

iTunes Radio
Ability to buy music from the iTunes “Now Playing” screen is a new feature that has been added to iOS7. iTunes Radio has over 20 million users and you can now subscribe to iTunes Match from mobile rather than from desktop.

Calendar and other subtle interface changes
Calendar feature is got a good revamp. You can now do a list toggle. Month view also shows you the events. Country specific holidays are added to the calendar. Other subtle feature changes include slide to unlock and rounded buttons to accept and reject calls and lots more. Other than this, Apple claims to  have fixed quite a few bugs with this release.

Apple released these changes for iOS7 and gave the OS and gave users a wonderful new experience with their prized possession. Apple is always at its best when innovation is concerned with the upcoming upgrades in phone and iOS users and businesses expect even more out of it.

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