Is It Really Worth Spending Money Buying the Legacy iOS7 Smartphone over the 2013 Apple iPhone 5S?

With the start of August month, the ticks off for the much awaited iPhone 5S release date, which reports said could be somewhere between the 10th to 208th of the coming September.There is no denying that this future iPhone version will bring a lot more than what we’re expecting, but it will present die-hard iPhone fans with the reality of having to select from a group of iPhone models. It would be harder for the consumers to choose the right one among all the available iPhone devices.

Without any doubt, many of you are going to go for the trendiest and latest iPhone 5S, but not all are going to go with the flow as a few of the consumers are always in search for the best possible deal available for them. For such users, enjoying the new iPhone experience is more important than spending more money in order leverage from the more powerful iOS7.

When it comes to leverage from the power of the latest iOS, there are only two devices that you can count on. One is a year older iPhone and the iPhone 4S from the year 2011. But how it makes sense investing more in the legacy iOS 7 Smartphone over the 2013 Apple flagship? Here’re the reasons:

More user-friendly and decent specifications, serving need of all kind of users…

After the long journey of two years, still iPhone 4S serves the need of all kind of users. With its beautiful body-build and the boasted Apple pedigree, the users are still buying this amazing 3.5 inch gadget without any doubt or question in mind.

The mobile technology is nearly two generation old, but still iPhone 4S can proudly compete with all the mid-range devices introduced by the Android device makers in the last two quarters, specifically those who are manufactured by the Samsung, LG and Nokia that is brining Windows 8 based devices to the end users.

The Price Factor, which is consistently getting down!

It is a tradition from the Apple that whenever they launch new version of iPhone or iPad, the prices of the earlier versions get down to keep them appealing and attractive for the consumers. It is predicted that after the launch of iPhone 5S, the price of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S will shrink. Moreover, you can expect telcos dangle the iPhone 4S for free with contract while the unlocked version will surely come with low price tags on it.

The iOS 7 is going to be dispatched with the iPhone 4S…

We all know that Apple has made an announcement that the all new iOS 7 will be dispatched to the millions of iPhone 4S in active use and would get ample support. It is quite obvious that all the future iOS upgrades or iterations is going provide ample support to this legacy gadget, which means the iPhone 4S users will get chance to leverage from all the latest features deployed in the future iPhone 5S and even after two more iPhone builds.

From the above points, it is clear that the current users of iPhone 4S are not going to leave it anyhow, and the new buyers will surely find it worth spending money in the iPhone 4S with the ample support of iOS 7. What’s your opinion on this? Share your views in the comments…!

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