Management Profile

Chintan Shah, CEO

As CEO and President, Chintan Shah is responsible for leading Grey Matter India in right strategic direction to position GMI as preferred Solution Provider for Enterprise application development. He emphasizes on major partnerships and international growth. Creating new business avenues for GMI and appropriate technological investments are foremost on his agenda. Throughout his career Chintan Shah has consistently shown an ability to balance the strong elements of his scientific background with GMI’s broader business strategies. He begets to Grey Matter India a depth of experience in developing and executing strategic plans for its Entertainment Solutions.

Under Chintan Shah’s astute leadership, GMI has evolved into a hugely competitive quality driven unit. Chintan Shah has imbibed core values that focus on delivering technology solutions with a strong emphasis on business ethics. A workaholic by nature,Chintan Shah has envisaged the vision for GMI and walks his talk. Through sheer grit and determination Chintan Shah has created a benchmark, that all proud GMItians look upto, to achieve ever evolving organizational goals.

Chintan Shah with his vast experience in various areas like Information systems, International marketing, Process and Systems, provides the organization with the services in organizational operations. He is responsible for the internal technological operations and also contributes largely to Marketing Strategy formulation. Chintan Shah is considered to be the Force Majeure in GMI.

Chintan Shah’s insightful vision coupled with an even clearer blueprint to attain set goals has ensued that GMI has exceeded business acquisitions and sales forecasts every single quarter. An unprecedented yearly growth rate of 200% in areas of revenues and manpower scale up.

A staunch believer in “customer delight”, he emphasizes and implements quality to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction. GMI’s excellent track record of increased customer retention ratio in last 4 years can be attributed solely to his efforts.

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