Mobile Application Development – Useful Tips For Newbie Mobile Marketer

With the sudden and rapid evolution of mobile devices, the mobile application development has been geared up in the past few years. Along with the development of the mobile devices, the need of mobile marketers has raised. The mobile marketers are the ones who can leverage from the mobile apps and devices to reach out millions of mobile users.

Of course, you would find plenty of mobile marketing methods to market and promote your mobile application development venture, but not all the techniques or methods could be helpful to achieve desired results. So, what a newbie marketer should do? Well, one of the best techniques is to send text messages to the potential users to invite them visit your website or retail store and have a look at what you’re offering to them.

Being a newbie mobile marketer, you will be tempted to try sending out messages to the potential users, but ensure that you follow the tips discussed in this article.

Here’re the tips for the newbie mobile marketer to market mobile app successfully:

• Prevent using “flowery language”!
Of course, sending messages to the potential users is a great way to reach out maximum number of users while offering them a personal touch, but the major drawback of using text messages to market the mobile app is the limited amount of space! Therefore, it is important for you to avoid using any flowery language and be straightforward. Know what you’re writing and make sure it is compelling to the end users.

• Stop cramming your message
In the text messaging, you will hardly get space of 160 characters to convey customers to use your app. So, avoid making a lengthy and unnecessary test message and stick to the point. One should make a decision on which offer would be more attractive for the users and include the same within the text message.  Also, try to avoid sending too many messages, with a multiple offers, to the users as it will confuse them.

• Use short and meaningful sentence
Ensure that you break up the messages into a short and meaningful sentences, rather than using long sentences. It should be easy to understand what you want to convey to the users and let them take action through it.

• Know the exact time to send messages
While using text messages to market your mobile app, it is important that you consider the time to send the messages to the user. Generally, mobile users read the messages immediately and they will try to take action on the go. Most of the users are free in the afternoon, so try to send messages by keeping in mind their convenience.

• Make it actionable
Make sure you include call to action within your message in order to make it actionable, which encourages the users to take immediate action after reading your message.

Ensure that you consider all the above aspects while utilizing text messages as a part of your mobile marketing strategy to get maximum benefit from it. How many of you have tried any of these tips? Share your experience in the comments…!

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