Mobile Application Trends To Dominate In 2016

Mobility has redefined our future! Smartphones and mobile applications have become a necessity for us today. It helps us not only in business, but also in our day to day lives. It has made our lives easier and the credit goes to the mobile application developers. The mobile app trends come and go each year. Some trends go away with time, while some stay for years to come. Let us take a look at the mobile application trends of 2015 in a nut shell and the trends to look out for in 2016.

Mobile Application Development

2015 in a nutshell!

The world of mobile application development was fast paced in the year 2015. They year was full of new updates and changes in the industry which helped developers to develop mobile apps rapidly and helped businesses to grow and succeed.

  • Faster mobile application development: Developing the mobile applications faster has become one big thing. Businesses were focusing faster to market, as it was one good way to beat the competition and show up to customers first.
  • Safe and secured mobile apps: Building highly safe and secured mobile apps was another big thing in 2015, as people started doing business only with the trustworthy and reliable companies.
  • Cloud technology: As 2015 was the year of variety of mobile devices, more people opted for multiple mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So, it was important to sync data across the devices. So, cloud technology became a big thing in 2015!

The thing of 2016!

Mobile application trends that will rule in the year 2016 are:

  1. Wearable technology: With time, businesses have known that people love comfort. So, along with the hand held devices like smartphones, tablets and music players, they have also started focusing on the wearable device apps. The goal of the wearable technology is to build wearable garments or accessories that incorporate computer electronic elements.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT): With the increase variety of wearable technology and apps coming into the picture this year, the craze for Internet of Things is also increasing. This trend is expected to take technology to the next level; ultimately resulting into interesting apps.
  3. More cross platform tools: In this mobile freak world, where the number of mobile application development platforms is many, it is not possible for an enterprise or a business to develop an app for a particular platform, as it will limit the users. So, the number of tools used to develop the cross platform mobile apps is expected to increase in the year 2016, so that a single business can make an app that can work well on all platforms and all devices, so as to serve the increased targeted audience.

Now that you are aware of some of the most mobile application development trends in the year 2016, it is highly recommendable for you to take these trends into the consideration while building mobile apps, so as to build the successful apps that add wings to your business!

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