Mobile Applications: The Technology Frontier that’s Shaping Education Industry

Gone are the days when lectures were given by the teachers and students take down the notes. Mobility apps said goodbye to the age-old classroom teaching practice and changing the face of education. Mobile use which was abandoned in the classrooms is now becoming an integral part of the classroom teaching.

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Whether you are teaching a preschooler, school-goers or college-goers, mobile applications has profound impact on learning and enhance student’s engagement. Besides, it work as a helping hand for teachers and administration as well.

Let’s count down the advantages it provide to the teachers, students, administration and parents.

 – Teachers

Teachers can plan the lessons to teach in the classroom and add videos, links or podcast to make lecture impactful. Teachers can assign home assignment to the students anytime, anywhere, and there is no need to handle the bundles of assignment. And, when assignment is done, teachers will get them in real-time.

The grades can be assigned to the submitted assignments on mobile app, and teachers can analyze student’s performance grades and can add remarks accordingly. Also, teachers will be in direct touch with the parents and make them aware about the student’s progress or discuss other things.

– Students

Studying in classes is now no more boring or dull! Instead of using pen and paper, students can now learn and keep their notes on mobile or tablet. No paper means going greener! Learning lessons through applications has become an activity that students can do 24*7, even outside the classroom. Students can get direct assistance from the teachers when stuck somewhere. Moreover, education games are making learning more interesting, foster cognitive skills and the best utilization of leisure hours. Edutainment rocks!

– Administration

School/university shelves are packed with bundle of students and teachers documents that are really difficult to manage. Plus,providing instant updates about any event or sensitive information is arduous. Using mobile app, all the important data can be kept over internet and administration can immediately inform everyone on the device that’s close at their hand.

The alluring benefits are drawing the attention of education institutes across the globe! More and more institutions are transforming the traditional teaching with mobility apps. Do you also wanted to have an education mobility solution that improve the results, and enhance teaching and learning?

If yes, then joining hands with a best education mobile app development team is crucially important. But, there are a few checkpoints that you have to keep in mind before hiring mobile app Development Company.

Take a look at what are the things you must consider before going ahead.

– In-depth research

You must decide your target audience first and then start researching about the audience cultural values, behavior, device usage and platform preference. This research will help you to reach your target audience easily and gain some recognition, otherwise the app will not be a grand success.

– Intuitive design

Design elements like- theme, color, graphics and design to be included in the app vary from preschoolers to college-goers.As, aforementioned elements may impress one generation, but not other.

For instance, vibrant colors, cartoons and cheesy content may able to draw the attention of kids, but not of college-goers. Consider the age of target audience before finalizing the design and content because implementing the design that intrigue your audience would ultimately increase the app usage.

– Introduce interactive learning

Unless you won’t introduce interactivity in your e-learning app, it will remain like an online content in which no user take interest in.Even, in classroom teaching, if there is no interaction, then results will not be as effective as expected. Use e-learning tools to hold the attention of learners at every step and make your app impressive.

– Include challenges

Alongside interactivity, adding challenges, puzzles, quizzes or small games to the app would inch your app closer to the success. Yes, these challenges derive healthy competition and in the guise of game, students could learn a lot. The race of getting high score, add zeal and motivate the children to make more use of it.

Keeping these things in mind, you should start looking for an app developer.But, before your education app development project goes into development, there are some things that you should look for. As, for mobile app development, you need to look beyond traditional development methodologies to get the right app out in the market at right time without any time and cost overruns.

Here are 5 characteristics that will take your education app to the top.

1) Support

Your mobile app should support multiple devices like- phone, tablets and phablets, and multiple platforms to reach larger audience. Instead of native app development, it would be good to prefer cross-platform app development as it reduces the developers’ effort that otherwise go into mobile app development for every platform.

2) Integration

Mobility applications are interfaced with multiple backend systems and do not work in silos. This integration take away optimum development efforts. Using pre-configured integration adaptor, the efforts can be reduced to a great extent as developers are not required to build the interface from scratch. Thus, your overall app development time and cost would be trimmed.

Embracing pre-configured integration adaptor for interface development and application packaging would be a smart choice.

3) Robust security

Mobile application stores sensitive information that has to be kept confidential. To keep the store data secured, it’s encrypted through available algorithms. Furthermore, the app must be restricted to access the information of other software applications. So, security must be built at application and user level to ensure that there are no security breaches.

4) Audit & governance

The education app must comply with all the rules and regulations, and support audit and governance of the region where it will be launched. The mobility solution should have all the functions and procedure to incorporate audit features.

5) Gradually evolve

Though your app is get built using latest technologies and tools, but technology is constantly upgrading and that demands your app to get updated as well. Again and again engineering the app as technology changes is not a good choice. Instead, build your app as if new features or technology can be easily integrated without doing much effort.


Mobility solutions are becoming the need of the hour in education landscape. The benefits illustrated above elucidate how easy things would become as the mobile app penetration in education industry would increase. After doing a little research and considering a few points, you can transform the way education is given in your educational institution and rock with a unique mobile app.

Expand learning frontiers with mobile applications!

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