Must-Have Technical Skills To Look For When Hiring a Dot Net Developer

In this tech age, if you are planning to get a website or application developed for your business, it is important for you to choose an It company wisely. If you are looking out for a dot net developer, you must look for the technical skills that he possesses. Here is the list of skills you must look for.

1. Concepts of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

The Object Oriented Programming concepts are too basic for even a fresher, making it one of the basic, yet important questions to ask to a dot net developer during the process of interview. If he fails to explain you the basic OOP concepts, he is not ready for the projects. He must be clear with the concepts like inheritance, generalization, specialization, association, aggregation, composition and dependency.

2. JavaScript, jQuery, C# and ASP.NET, MVC framework

To work on a dot net project, he must have the complete know-how about the basic designing languages and frameworks like JavaScript, jQuery, C#,MVC framework and ASP.NET, to name a few. The technical knowledge is necessary, but not the sufficient condition to hire .Net developer. He must have had the experience of using these languages for the real time projects.

3. SQL or Oracle Back end programming experience

Apart from the designing and developing skills, he must have the SQL or Oracle backend programming skills in order to deal with the database so that it becomes easy for him to fetch or access the data whenever he needs. Once again, having skills is different than having the recent experience into the same. It would be great if he has worked for a project recently.

4. Visual Studio IDE

Of course, he must be well-versed with visual studio, as learning .NET application development begins with learning to work with visual studio. However, he must have the know-how of the latest version or at least the recent newer versions of visual studio so that the applications do not stop working when they are downloaded on the new browsers or operating systems.

5. New Areas of .NET

Dot net facilitates a lot of functionalities, so it might be possible that a single programmer is not well-versed with all those functionalities. However, make sure he has got the knowledge and experience of the most important aspects that you are looking forward to in your upcoming projects.  

6. Page directives

The first lines of the ASP.Net that provides the settings as well as instructions for user control files and web forms pages are page directives. Of course, it is not necessary to know the entire list of page directives, but knowledge about some of the important ones indicates that the candidate is comfortable working with the page directives.
Now that you are aware of some of the technical skills that are necessary in a dot net developer, it is essential for you to check if the candidate has got these skills and experienced for the same.

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