MVC Vs Web Forms – Which is a Better ASP.NET CMS Development Model?

ASP.NET is an open source web application framework that allows developers or organizations to build dynamic web applications and websites using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Content management system based on this popular web development technology consists of tools or applications that allow publishing, editing and managing content from a central interface.

ASP.NET CMS Web Development

There are certain benefits of web CMS development with ASP.NET. The platform enables CMS development in a robust, rapid and convenient manner. Security features, laid back configurations for database controls and standard design templates are among the best features of ASP.NET that help in development of secure and completely customized CMS solutions for enterprises.

Comparing the ASP.NET CMS Development Models
There are basically two types of development models – MVC and Web Forms on which ASP.NET Web CMS systems are built. These are the two typical approaches for coding the front-end experience with ASP.NET.

Web Forms as ASP.NET Development Model
Considering the Web Forms, this is a traditional ASP.NET development model that was created by Microsoft with an intent to make developers familiar with building web pages through a visual RAD interface. Web Forms supports a tightly coupled architecture where the application interface and application functionality are integrated with each other, thereby, making it difficult to reuse or make changes to them later on. It takes a lot of time creating customizations for your customized web CMS development needs which again require maintenance.

MVC Model for CMS Development
MVC is yet another ASP.NET development model for building efficient CMS systems. MVC or Model View Controller is a different architectural pattern from Web Forms. It provides a clear separation of presentation from application logic and hence, makes it easy to reuse or make changes to both of them much easier. Hence, if you have developed a CMS solution based on MVC development model you can easily make changes to its front-end interface or backend logic at any time and that too with much lesser efforts as compared to the CMS based on Web Forms.

Moreover, with MVC you have an option of using Microsoft Web Pages or Razor for your web development needs. Razor is a light weight framework by Microsoft for efficient development of dynamic websites with ASP.NET. But in case of Web Forms, aspx page is the only available template option.

Moreover, MVC is a good platform for development of responsive websites that work well on various platforms or channels. With MVC model, you can create multiple interfaces which can be used by the model based on the request initiated. But with Web Forms you would be required to develop multiple interfaces individually along with code required to be developed for every interface. Moreover, one more disadvantage with CMS based on Web Forms is that one cannot send the content to external applications and hence, web apps should be built directly on the basis of CMS.

If you are looking for ASP.NET development services from experts for building content management system for your enterprise, then always go for experts because only experts will have an extensive knowledge of leveraging the MVC development model at its best to meet customized client requirements. Grey Matter India is one such ASP.NET development company based in India that has got experts having years of experience developing customized CMS solutions for clients based on MVC development model.

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