No Mobile SEO could mean closing your online business – one day at a time!

Constant tweaking of search algorithms and the subsequent revisions in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies was a task enough – restricted to your websites – NOW you have to even worry about Mobile websites and Mobile SEO! Well, whether you think it’s necessary or not – whether you perceive it is important or not, Google (along with other search engines) have already started working on ways to search mobile content more effectively. If you remember, Googlebot-mobile was launced back in December 2011 just for this purpose.

In short, failing to create optimized mobile content is a sure way to ruin your potential business progress. Well, if you think about it, Mobile SEO is one opportunity that you can work on to tap some untredded grounds for your business. Those millions of smartphone users could be your potential customers.

So, your Mobile SEO strategies should include:
Redirecting: Trends are changing, and this is not  a major concern. Most websites are moving towards a responsive design – this has drastically reduced the head ache of redirecting users to the websites that are designed to fit into their mobile devices. If your website isn’t already responsive, you must ensure proper redirection. As per statistics, a mobile friendly site can yield more conversions. According to Google’s statistics , 67% of the mobile users are likely to buy from a mobile friendly site.

Responsive web design: This is basically a website designed to respond to or resize itself according to the screen size it is being displayed in. An excellent way to keep one URL for all devices and no redirections required! Well, users are happy, google is happy and in the end your business is happy! Redirects often slow the website load times and as we know, a website visitor’s attention span and patience is very less. A few seconds here and there – and you have lost a potential buyer! Above all, a responsive web design means a single URL. This is an important part of Mobile SEO and recommended by all SEO service providers.

User Experience: This is an important factor to consider. There are some definite no-no’s to this. Speed cannot be compromised on for any other reasons. Secondly, faulty redirects – if your mobile version of the site points to some page that is totally irrelevant – it’s like SEO suicide! Well, visitors begin to think that you are not a genuine business after all. Managing user experience should be your top most priority as a part of SEO Service.

Interstitials for apps download: Many a times, in order to promote apps download, you promote it via the mobile version of your wbesite. This is absolutely not a problem, but ensure that it is not a hinderence in the actual website experience itself. Users actually wanting information from your site from a mobile device should not be bothered time and again about some application download.

Well, it’s an ever changing world with ever changing trends. Today we need to cater to the needs of the mobile world – those are a fast growing bunch of users. If you don’t – you are in for a downward slide in your business!

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