Online Shopping Cart System for Medical Instruments

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Client Requirement

Client required an ecommerce platform for buying and selling medical instruments online. Being a startup retailer, client wanted to take this as an opportunity to facilitate online transactions for medical equipments that are about to expire before it’s value depriciates.

Requirement Specifics:

  • Buying and selling expiring medical equipment before depriciation begins
  • Number of registered buyers and sellers
  • Number of transactions.
  • Transaction Value
  • Number of alerts scheduled by buyers and sellers.

Client demanded:

  • iOS mobile application for buying and selling medical products and equipment.
  • Ability for customers to research, rate, review and recommend medical products.
  • The iOS app should contain features for Catalog Management, Order Management, Reports, Customizable Order Emails, Call Center Order Creation and much more.

The team faced the following challenges

  • Considering that there are various versions of iOS, the app needed to run smoothly on all with optimized resolution.
  • Another challenge was – payment gateway integration
  • The processes for newly placed orders, order cancellations and sending bulk mailers for payment release needed to be effectively handled.
  • The ability to maintain consistancy while harmonizing the simultaneous execution of various features.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition backed product shipping management to be seamlessly integrated with the business logic.
  • Providing customers with a safe and secure platform for all online transactions.

Technology Used

Operating System & Server Management iOS,Multi-Server ArchitecturewithStaging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases,Server Optimization,Security & SSL Implementation,Scheduler for Back-ups,Alert Monitoring System Integration,Server Performance Tuningat regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance.
Development Tools & Environments iOS SDK, Magento Ecommerce Platform,XCode 5.0, Objective C, Core Data Framework etc.
Database SQLite Database Server,DB Clustering, DB Optimization,Master SlaveReplication,Query Optimization,Scheduler for Backups.


Project Leader 1
Developers 2
Designers 2
Quality Assurance Testers 2

Development Approach
To give the application features and functionalities that would make it’s operation smooth, the following development approach was used.

  • High level of data fetching technology from server was introduced
  • Application design focused on user-friendliness and interactivity
  • For data synchronization with the server and data backups, high level coding standards were used to maintain the most recent updates with the server.

IOS Architecture
Core OS and Core Services layer: this layer in the iOS architecture contains fundamental interfaces for access to low level data types, files and netword interfaces and sockets. Core Foundation, CF Network, SQLite and access to POSIX threads and UNIX sockets are the major technologies amongst others.

The Media Layer: This layer provides for technologies that support 2D and 3D drawing, audio and video. The major technologies in this layer include OpenGL ES, Quartz and Core Audio.

The Cocoa Touch layer: This is the layer that application will use.

The app was able to successfully manage all the activities it was designed to perform that included handling all the orders, shipping, payments, checkouts amongst others. Extensive research ensured that a robust mobile app was built within minimum time frame and easy customizations. The app was fully functional and live withing a span of 6 months.

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