Open Feedback

Enhance your business by making it the way customers like, using Open Feedback, customer feedback software.

Turn your tablet into a questionnaire or the feedback device to know their likes and dislikes. Understand your customers better by carrying out client satisfaction survey with Open Feedback, one of the best online survey tools and shape your business as per their requirements to earn their trust and draw them to you.

Open Feedback: What is it? What does it do? Why to use it? Who can use it?
Answer to all questions…

Answer to all questions…

Knowing your customers and understanding their exact requirements helps you to better customer experience management and customer relationship management is the key to the successful business; be it a restaurant, petrol pump, real estate, retail, logistic services or any other business. Open Feedback is a feedback tool which helps you knowing your customers. Making changes in your products or services as per the needs of customers and carrying out customer satisfaction survey is a wise idea. After all, at the end it is ‘customer satisfaction’ that matters the most.

The thing which makes an Open Feedback, one of the best customer feedback systems is that, it lets you picture out the customer experience in a few moments, even without the need of internet connection. It is an ideal choice everywhere; be it retail stores, conferences, hospitals or malls.

Why you will not be able to resist using Open Feedback?

Answer to this question is these striking features…

Customize Questionnaire and Rating System

The customer service survey and polling will help you know the level of customer satisfaction out of your products and services, which will help you to understand the changes which are necessary in your business to deliver pleasant customer experience.

Offline mode Support

Now, take the feedback of your customers and know their opinion regarding your business from anywhere at your workplace without internet connectivity. The local storage of data allows it to work as a standalone program, making it easier for you to take customer’s review without internet connection.

Custom Branding

All you have to do is download the application and customize it as per your business. You can upload your logo, change the brand name and choose the colour from wide plethora of options available to you, as per your choice to make it customized.

On-site audit management and inspection

You can manage the on-site audit and inspect; irrespective of the type of visitor. It can be a prospect, a customer, a supplier, your distribution network or your production plant.

Data organization

You can organize the electronic surveys and polls as well as collect the responses instantly.

Analytic Reports

With this survey analytics feature, you can view insightful customer analytics any time. After doing the customer data analysis, you can drill down reports like Feedback Analysis, Guest Analysis, customer service report and Staff Analysis and study them to make the necessary changes.

Social Media integration

Social media, being one of the fastest modes of communications these days is the best way to share is the key to share the posts, comments and reviews directly with your application. It lets you stay connected with your audience on a daily basis.

Easy data capture

Now, you can capture the customer survey in one moment, using this instant easy data capture.

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