5 things to consider when you outsource your software projects

For the small or mid-sized business with limited expertise and IT staff, outsourcing software development in India has become a lifesaver. It enables businesses to compete on a technical level with other companies, which have in-house IT resources, while allowing the organizations to focus more over the core business rather than getting themselves involved in software development projects.

While small firms are leveraging the benefits of offshore outsourcing of their software development projects in India, large enterprises are also considering outsourcing for the software development needs & deeds. However, getting into software or IT outsourcing doesn’t mean that businesses can choose any software development company in India and handover their requirements without consider some basic aspects.

Here’re the 5 different things you should include on your due diligence list if you’re planning to outsource your IT requirements:

• Quality
Quality when you outsource can be an issue as it could be either up to the mark or could be than what you thought, depending on what you’re outsourcing. Many enterprises opt to outsource IT functions when there is a shortfall of skilled labour or in the skill sets of their existing IT employees. Therefore, it is important that you consider all the aspects whenever outsourcing your software projects in order to ensure you gets a quality outcome.

• Communication
Communication is the biggest problems when it comes to outsource IT requirements. It is also a good practice to put all work instructions in writing, to avoid language difficulties that can arise when instructions are given verbally. Moreover, any development project that is being outsourced should include a detailed documentation of the software itself. The outsourcing partner should provide the details of how the documentation should be done. This is the only way an outsourcer can ensure that it will be able to take over the code if it ever needs to.

• Company perception
Whenever enterprises make a decision to move work offshore and citizens hear about it, there can be significant backlash that affects enterprise reputation and sales. The CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs should be well-aware of these potential revenue and corporate “good will” impacts when they consider outsourcing. Therefore, think before you plan to outsource your software projects.

• Agility
Outsourcing can surely help and hinder corporate IT agility. It helps businesses whenever they have shortage of internal IT resources or a time to get the critical projects within a stipulated time while fulfilling the company needs & deeds. It hinders when intellectual capital is lost, which restricts company’s internal ability to respond to the new business scenarios with information technology. If you’re considering outsourcing, it is important that you make yourself aware about what are the positive and negative aspects associated with it.

• Resource management
If you’re outsourcing your requirements to someone having a geographically distributed workforce, it would be quite difficult for you to manage such resources rather than those who are in relative geographic proximity. Time variation is the biggest barrier whenever it comes to project collaboration. IT managers considering outsourcing should have a well-conceived plan for project management and communications in place before they think to move ahead with outsourcing or grow their relationship with such partners.

Have you ever tried outsourcing your software projects? If you’re planning to outsource, make sure you consider all the above discussed aspects in order to ensure the success of your software development project.

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