Playing it Your Way: Sports App Features for Sure Success

It is often said that a sport is a man’s first love as well as his last refuge. We are living in the times where a sport represents a religion and a sportsman its God. In this new world of chosen Gods, no matter what you do, where you work; sports has a special place in your heart. Some of us remain preoccupied with the performance of our favorite team and player. With Smartphones intruding our daily lives, mobile app developers decided to couple technology with the passion of a sports aficionado. And so came up the sports apps.

Since sports involve so much of emotions among the masses, sports apps must incorporate features that can animate them and at the same time keep them involved and contented. Some of the features of the sports apps that heralds sure success are discussed below.


1. The Updated Fan

In public spheres, in offices, while travelling, while working especially, during international events—all that everybody wishes to know is “the score”, latest score. If your app can provide that along with customization and statistical integrations, your apps journey to success is set forth. Although there are myriad apps that can provide a team’s latest score, only a cutting-edge application provides customization to filter out the news and updates about a favorite team or a player, what experts are saying about them, which particular expert’s views you want to catch up with, information about upcoming games and events of your team and live coverage of various events.

2. The Fantasy Fan

Ever wanted to be the manager of that club or owner of that team? Your smartphone can make your dreams come true, not in actual sense but, at least out from the fantasy world you have lived so long. You can now assemble your favorite players, form a team with them in your app and get points based on their real-life performances. Can you imagine the rapture of a user who gets a very high point on such a virtual world of fantasy sport? This strategy can also lead to marketing benefits by advertising and sponsoring the app required to be purchased. And also, this app is standalone that can reside in various media platforms.

3. The Opinionated Fan

Some people along with the fervor for the sport also possess an inherent quality to debate over it. For some football fans, Messi’s retirement was a blunder—apart from being heart-breaking—to such an extent that it seemed Messi had less authority upon his own decision compared to that of his fans. For such enthusiasts, sports apps must have a feature for forum polls and opinions where views and opinions are expressed freely and interactively.

4. The Statistics Guru

Ronaldo or Messi? Federer or Nadal? Kohli or deVilliers? One can go on discussing and debating for ages without any conclusive decision. Statistics can come to the rescue; and rightly so because some sports fans are obsessed with statistics. If your sports app can provide superior statistical measures, not only the statistics pundits will grin but also those users who can evaluate something quickly out from a graph or a table, which might have been too obscure in words.

5. The Gambling Fan

Some fans love to stake. Although their love for a particular game may or may not carry on with, their love for contests for free tickets for events and other sports merchandises, will bind them to the sport and also to the app. Incorporating features providing free tickets and sports commodities can thus, be beneficial for a sports app.

There are no hard and fast rules to incorporate features in a sports app; neither one can provide an exhaustive list of features. The important thing is to continue with the features you have assimilated, and upgrade their performance thoroughly. Because it is all about fans of a sport and fans can become freaks!

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