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Advertise your business on Google

No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Google & our advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads.

Google AdWords advertising program is perhaps the very best online marketing option that is available to any business today for perfect ROI. You can get immediate results within minutes of setting up. In what follows, we describe how we would set up a Google advertising campaign for you

Ad Formats

Google AdWords offers a variety of ad formats. The most common format is text ads. Additional formats now available include animated ads, video ads, local business ads and mobile ads.

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A typical AdWords Text Ad looks like this:
Text ads generally contain the following four lines:
  • Ad title (25 characters, including spaces): The title attracts users who might be interested in your products or services.
  • Two description lines (35 characters each, including spaces): These two lines contain your product, service or promotion details.
  • Display URL (35 characters, including spaces): This line indicates which website the user will visit if he or she clicks your ad.

Where you can find you AD on GOOGLE

On Google (Sponsored Links) Google PPC Advertisements

Other Network (Google Network) Google Sponsored Links

Google has a program to identify and promote professionals who have demonstrated superior knowledge of Google Adwords. These professionals can help you optimize your site on many levels

Google AdWords Management process

Campaign Setup:
  • Keyword / Key Phrase Analysis
  • Detail Site Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Initial Position Analysis Report
  • Personalized Report Analysis & Monitoring
  • Keyword / Key Phase Research
  • Keyword Research & Negative Keyword Research
  • Design of landing pages for maximum conversion
  • Setting up the Campaigns/AdGroups/Keywords/Ads
  • Optimizing Adwords campaigns and ad groups
  • Global and Regional Adwords Marketing
  • Optimization of Google Adwords budgets
  • Multi-Language Solutions
Developing strategies:

  • Improving account performance
  • Increase Quality Score & CTR
  • Conversions and Conversion Rate


  • Additional Positive/Negative Keyword Research
  • Creating Geo-Targeted campaigns based on the data from analytics
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Landing Monitoring

  • Your ad will be display depend on your bids (On Google + Search Network)
  • Keyword will be apply or accept by google, depend on bids
  • Charges will be dedicated on the bases of Per Click and Impression
  • You/We can Start, Pause or Stop you Ad any time
  • You/We can update you Ad anytime
  • You/We can also select you market region like. Country, State or Cities – Your ad will be display at selected place/area only, due to this you can save your Money & Time
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