An exclusive, new, and fully functional vendor management software has been launched by Grey Matter India Technologies, One of the leading names in IT

Grey Matter India Technologies, launches Vendor Management System for establishing the proper online communication channels and information flows between manufacturers and suppliers. What makes Vendor Management System special is its three-way support between manufacturer, Vendor, and within its own organization. “Our Vendor Management Services can lead to increased efficiencies, reduced costs and better customer service” says Mr. Chintan Shah, head of GMI.

Some unique features that Vendor Management System boasts are:

  • Enhanced security for tracking the financial activity.
  • Maintains detailed record for future reference.
  • Covers almost every important domain within the organization.
  • Easy to manage as there are Administrators assigned to each domain.
  • Automatic notification to related persons via email.
  • Filters to generate results for specific search.
  • Sorting and searching option availability.
  • Dashboards add to the comprehensive view.
  • Host of other interesting features.

Vendor Management Software is one of many products launched by GMI and it is sure of exceeding user expectations once again. According to GMI, “outsourcing vendor management is more than just getting the suppliers to give a lower price or better service contract. Properly managed vendors can give a competitive advantage as well as cost savings.” Typical features of a Vendor Management System application include order distribution, consolidated billing, and significant enhancements in reporting capability that outperforms manual systems and processes.

Vendor Management Service saves time and resources by integrating procurement with related finance processes, so that you can track approved purchase orders through receiving and then transfer them to accounts payable. It is a way of centralizing customer, product, vendor, and contract information.

Vendor Management Solutions at GMI has been reported of taking a complete care of auditing process by having a formal system with logging and reporting capabilities.

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