Quick Tips To Help You Design Mobile Website Effectively

Mobile application development is booming in the year 2013. More ‘n’ more businesses are approaching mobile application development and consider mobile apps as an important part of their marketing and promotion strategy these days. Of course, developing mobile applications is a great thing, but that is not always required. Many businesses often go for mobile website development in order to reduce the cost of the development and to get rid of the critical issues involved in creating and maintaining the mobile app.

Are you charging up yourself for mobile commerce strategy? Is it the first one in your “to-do” list in the year 2013? If yes, then make sure you consider a few very important aspects whenever approaching for mobile web application development. In this post, we’re going to cover a few very essential things that everyone should keep in mind while designing and developing a mobile website for their business to get maximum benefit from it.

• Go to full site – the mobile website escape
Try to include a link to the full site for your target audience. It is not important how beautiful your website design looks; a few people focus more on the experience they’re used to.

• Keep headings shorter than short
Headings that are lengthy, usually more than 2 lines will push your content down the page and often out of the frame for the mobile users. Therefore, try to keep headings as short as possible while making them focused and descriptive without telling the entire story.

• Use placeholder text on small, common form inputs
It is always beneficial to use placeholder text instead of labels when it comes to the smaller forms where the context is obvious.

• Place labels above form inputs
Whenever you are dealing with the labels, make sure they’re placed above form elements. You can also use top-aligned labels in order to ensure that if the mobile browser zooms in on the input, the user don’t lose the context of the input.

• Pop-ups suck on mobile
You can find many websites like YouTube, Maps and others who opens native applications that simply distract the users from the native applications. Make sure you try hard to integrate such elements on the page so that users can stay with the website they’re viewing.

• Save time with font-based icons
Rather than using conventional fonts, it is better to use font-based icons. They spice up your designs. To avoid managing a sprite sheet with both retina assets and smaller icons, opt for a font-based icon set like: Font Awesome; glyphish; iconsweets; or symbolset. Or, make your own.

• Make your default font size at least 14 pix
You may find it quite big, but it is the right thing you can do in order to make it more readable for the mobile users. The only time to go smaller (and just to a minimum of 12 px) is on very precise labels for forms.

Ensure that you consider all these aspects whenever approaching for the mobile website design or mobile web application development to make it usable and pleasant for the end users. Do you’ve more suggestions to share? Share your views in the comments..!

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