Responsive Design Is Not A Shortcut – Mobile Application Development Is Equally Important

It’s not just about fitting your business on a mobile screen. Today’s businesses require that little extra. Going mobile today includes mobile application development as well as a responsive website. Well, in order to improve customer experience on mobile devices, responsive has become more of a mandate than an option. Native apps however require analysis of business requirements and planning.

Analyze the needs of your business

Responsive Design Is Not A Shortcut – Mobile Application Development Is Equally Important

Lets take an example of a law firm or a consultant who generally works one on one with customers. Using a website to spread awareness of his business makes complete sense. A responsive website in this case will suffice.

On the other hand, if we take a look at some businesses who have user logins, accounts and registrations, or ecommerce websites, taking a twofold approach that includes a responsive website and a native mobile application only makes sense.

The third angle to this is, the previous example of the law firm or consultant need not restrict themselves. Innovative apps that can provide clients with useful information and redirect them to your consultancy or firm could greatly help your business grow.

The point here is that, if mobile is the way to go – do it right! Native mobile apps plus a responsive website could give your business an edge.

Do not use Responsive as a Shortcut to Go Mobile

If cost is a determinant for going mobile, many businesses select the easiest shortcut – responsive web design. Well, the recent shift to mobile shopping, mobile payments and mobile everything.. only implies that businesses need to evaluate their mobile needs. Select the most appropriate part of the business that can go mobile and that will best serve the needs of their customers.

Restaurant apps for example, can provide customers all the relevant information including menus and placing an order for take home or home delivery. This makes sense and justifies the cost of development too.

Other businesses can similarly evaluate the most appropriate business process to create an app for. For everything else, you already have a responsive website that will take care of your mobile customers.

Why Native apps are important

Native apps allow developers to add more functionality to your business app. They take advantage of the native mobile features like GPS or Accelerometer or other mobile hardware. They are thus optimized for performance and can provide your business with the right features. Restaurant location apps etc. are good examples.

Well, not going mobile is like business suicide in today’s world. How you decide to go about it is what matters. Responsive is a definite yes. But native mobile application development requires strategic and meticulous planning. Go mobile the right way and see the difference in your business growth!

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