Role of The Web Development Services in 21st Century

In 2016, 40% people of global population used the internet. Further in addition to that, almost half of the total internet usage was from Asia. Internet usage is widely spreading day by day. So the web development services are in demand for sure. Amazon itself is hosting 7.5 million websites. There is an ocean of websites on the Internet. In such scenario, if one wants to swim through, then he/she has to be fundamentally very clear and accurate.

Business comes with responsibility. A responsibility to sustain and grow. For this thing, strategic solutions need to be found for long-term opportunities. Let us understand the selection of web development services.                                           Web Development Services

Key Design Elements of Today’s Web Development Services

Device Responsiveness:

M-commerce i.e. mobile commerce is growing at a faster rate. In 2017, mobiles will generate 25% of the total e-commerce sale. So one cannot ignore m-commerce. But still desktops are ruling and tablets are setting their space in the market. So every web application has to be responsive for mobile and tablet also. There are certain CMS platforms which provide automated responsive designs. Navigation in the web application, payments, and checkouts everything has to be considered for mobile as well.

Access to Guests:

For any e-commerce website, there is a user registration process. Registered user can login, view, and process further. The company also get benefited by knowing user’s profile, sending them marketing information, communication for future sales etc. But everyone doesn’t like to log in and go through data entry process just for some basic information. So there should always be some features on a web application for a guest also.

Search Functionality:

30% of website visitors come to the website through search engines. Ensure your availability on search engines. At the same time, within the website, there must be a search field. Here the user can type about whatever he/she wants from the company. There is one more search- faceted search. It provides criteria for a search like a price, size, discount, department etc.

Security Concerns:

A user gives his/her personal information like Name, address, phone number, email address etc. All these information should be secured with the website in order to be trustworthy. Related payments, user reveals his/her credit card information during the payment process. This has to be very much secure. E-commerce sites must opt for SSL certification. This will send and receive data in encrypted forms. There is another term related to security- PCI compliance. The websites which deal payment with clients have to go according to PCI standard.


40% users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So here speed is a concern. With mobiles, user’s patience is even less. Their chances of moving to another site would be more. In order to have a quick loading of pages, some optimization has to be done. Caching, compressed images, combining JSS and CSS into one downloadable file etc. are the techniques of optimization for performance.                                       Cutome Website Development Services

Phases of Web Development:

Client and web development services, both parties have to go for defining a web development process. This will keep them in sync with each other for an application.

Phase 1: Requirement Identification

Here both parties sit together and identify requirements for an e-commerce solution. Here interim and final goals are identified. At the same time, a company would mention the pain areas, also.

Phase 2: Requirements Bifurcation

Once requirements are identified, bifurcate them into a hierarchy of groups depending upon the complexity of a requirement. A design or flowchart can very well represent the relation between these groups of requirements.

Phase 3: Solution Identification

Once requirement analysis and design are done, solutions can be thought of. Identify your requirement groups in different categories. If it involves payments or shipments, it needs an e-commerce solution. If only contents to be managed, then CMS solution suffices. And if it involves data processing or interaction with other third party sources, then a complex solution has to be finalized with some frameworks.

Phase 4: Study and Research

Web development services focus more in this area. This part requires a significant amount of hard work and smartness. Many mistakes happen at this stage. Perfect technology for this set of requirements has to be searched from the Internet. Doubts can be cleared from some online developer doubts-solutions portals. Once the technology is finalized, plugins and add-ons need to be searched. In the case of unavailability of plugins, design complex solutions for it. Choose a platform that suits your technology most. Remember that- more code means more bugs and more quality check.

Last Words:

The robust and efficient website is the foundation of the success of your e-commerce and m-commerce business. And choosing a right technology is a key factor in website development. Every phase and stage are inevitable.

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