Rumors, Specifications, Release Date And Everything You Wish To Know About iPhone 6

Apple is known for its passion and anticipation to deliver something innovative when it comes to smart phone. It seems that Apple will continue its tradition to introduce generation next products in the coming year 2014 too! As of now, the smart phone giant is working on its next version of iPhone. The guessing game already begun and trade pundits have started predicting what will be the features and when it is going to be launched by Apple.

The anticipated release dates are confusing and most iPhone fans are now excited: March and September 2014. So, want to know what the iPhone 6 from Apple is going to bring for you? In this post, we are going to discuss a few possible features and other rumors associated with the iPhone 6.

iPhone Apps DevelopmentThis year Apple has introduced iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S in March which has helped Apple a lot to win the market share in the phablet category. However, the smart phone giant is not in a mood to take rest and has started working on the release of iPhone 6. The all successor of iPhone 5 series is going to have relatively small 4.8-inch panel. Also, it is going to be wider and taller than the iPhone 5S. If you compare it with the other existing smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 it is 0.2-inch smaller than it.

What about the features???
When it comes to the features, Apple is going to introduce some sensational features in iPhone 6. One of the very first things that will attract the iPhone users is the screen which is powerful and capable of chipping concrete without even getting a single scratch on it. The screen will be made of the sapphire glass which is a strong material that easily outpaces the durable Gorilla Glass material. Apart from this, there are other exciting features like the NFC that allows the user to checkout at a register and the eye scanning technology.

In terms of internal processor, iPhone 6 is going to have an improved A7 chip that is currently available in iPhone 5S and iPad Air. The improved chip features a quad core processor in consort with the improved quad core graphics.

The latest patent filed by Apple is the “voice-based image tagging and searching” which will allow the users to tag pictures and sort through a voice command. The user can inform the iPhone, “I’m at Miami beach” and the device will tag the photo accordingly. Moreover, the users can also tag the photos based on time and location. Apart from this, the iPhone 6 is going to feature more powerful and enhanced Siri that would provide more accurate responses to the queries of the users.

Apart from all these features, Apple may also integrate the hover gesture patent within the iPhone 6 which would help it stand up against the rumored Samsung S5 and the Galaxy S4.

It’s almost 6 months until Apple reveals the iOS 8 and probably nine months until we see the iPhone 6 for the first time. However, there are lot predictions and speculations about the release date of the iPhone 6. What do you think about the iPhone 6? Do you think it would bring a revolution in the Smartphone industry and iPhone Application Development?

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