SEO For Portals

The Internet has grown to nearly two billion pages. To keep up, search engines are consolidating and sharing resources in broad based efforts to index as much as possible for their users and maintain profitability at the same time. The resource load on top online search media is heavy and growing, and so is the trend toward conserving demands on bandwidth, transaction volume and server space. This means SEO has changed. What works today is searchable content, links to and from your site, and judicious use of paid placements. Savvy Web marketers need to make sure the content of their website appeals to target users and is clearly accessible to search engine spiders, and link their sites to relevant and popular sites.

What is SEO? It is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. What exactly does SEO do? It is the method of analyzing and constructing individual web pages, as well as entire sites, so that they can be discovered, analyzed, and then indexed by various search engines. An ethical search engine optimization can make the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software. How do the search routines really work? Only the operators of the search engines know for sure, and this is generally very closely held proprietary information. The process is continually improved, as all useful computer software is. The information that the operators of the search engines will release, combined with the results of research into why certain pages are at the top of the list of results of certain searches, help us in our process. When using various search engines, you may have noticed that some search results have little, if anything, to do with what you were looking for. Some of these pages may even redirect you to another web site altogether.

Why is SEO important for your business? Would it be important to you if customers were unable to find your telephone number or find the address of your business? Can you be sure that every potential customer has been reached by your advertising? What about the people who don’t read the magazines, television or newspapers where you chose to place advertisements but rely on the internet to find your services? Those people could just enter a few words into a text box, click a button, and find a link to your web site. Yes, search engines can be wonderful, but not without some work. This is where SEO comes in. The next time you use a search engine, look for your own site. What words would someone search for that should bring them to your site? Is your site listed in those search results? So here SEO is the tool that can be used to insure that your site is listed as close as possible to the top of the relevant search results. SEO is much cost effective then any other marketing tool, offline or online! Ethical Search engine optimization may be just one part of an online internet marketing strategy, but it is the fundamental part.

How can we help you with this? We make a careful analysis of your business for realistic objectives and assess the cost of achieving them. We’ll ask you questions about how your business works to create the best marketing strategies for your business. Keyword Research Full analysis of your website to determine your current positioning and Keyword Research to help pinpoint the best keyword phrases for attracting consumers. Using this information, we can make a reasonable determination of what techniques can be used to enhance a web site’s visibility and effectiveness in the search engines. Through an analysis of your existing or proposed web site, we can recommend and implement changes that can dramatically improve your site’s chances of being found. Some of these changes may alter the actual content of what is displayed on a page. Many of these changes, however, have no effect on what a user sees when visiting your site.

We Provide you Seo Services which can help you gain permanent Backlinks, Search Engines rankings boost which can help you gain more free traffic which comes from the search engines.You can pay many dollars for advertising on search engines via Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter & Yahoo publisher network, but if you get a better SERP. Your website get free traffic and your company can save a lot of money advertising every month. Our services are accountable for building brand presence and generating leads & improve ROI. Place your website in major search pages where your visitors can easily find you. Our services are accountable for building brand presence and generating leads & improve ROI. SEO strategies are best implemented during the development of your website. If SEO was not a factor when your website was developed your current site can still be optimized to improve search engine rankings.

Capital that is spent improperly on internet marketing yields an unfavorable return on investment. We also specialize in rescuing businesses from failed search engine optimization efforts and traffic conversion techniques.

Basic search engine optimization items:

  • HTML Title tags
  • Meta description and keyword tags on every page of the website
  • Use of keywords; density, proximity, frequency
  • Website content
  • Website Theme
  • Site popularity
  • The website URL containing keywords
  • The file names in the site containing keywords
  • Using Alt tags on images
  • Using link popularity strategies
  • Website Design
  • Portal pages
  • Paid Inclusion or the length of time it takes to get listed in search engines
  • Analyzing competition
  • Avoid things that search engines penalize you for

Our search engine maintenance plan begins after the previous stages have been completed and includes keyword ranking reports, minor tweaking to maintain top rankings, ongoing link-building campaign maintenance, and keyword adjustments as needed. While the process of SEO may be confusing to you, Our professionals are specially trained in the most up to date techniques of search engine optimization and converting resulting website traffic.

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