Select The Right PHP Development Framework For Your Website

PHP Development has seen a lot of changes and today stands as the most robust programming languages for all websites. There are millions and millions of websites live on the web that is built with PHP. The biggest question one faces is whether to use a PHP framework or go with core PHP development. Secondly, if you choose to use a PHP Framework for web development, what characteristics is I looking for? Here, let’s check out the advantages of using a PHP framework and also check out what characteristics you should be looking out while selecting a PHP framework.

A PHP Framework actually helps you in generalizing queries without having to write individual queries. You also get the advantage of being able to code faster and more easily. Tasks that would have otherwise taken a lot of time to accomplish, with a hundred lines of code, can be easily completed with pre built code. This greatly increases efficiency. Along with all this, it is good to note that most of the PHP development frameworks are free to download and use.

Here is what you should be looking for:

  • A good framework is one that help overcome some obstacles in development and provide means for quick web development hence increasing productivity.
  • A good PHP framework will have a security structure built in. It should segregate and specify the types of users or groups that have access or do not have access to certain content or pages within your website.
  • The validation process should be simple for client side and server side and a message should be displayed if validation fails.
  • A good framework eases database connections and records representation by use of scripts.
  • Here’s another sign – it should offers choices for interface components or widgets for some common or uncommon functions you would require for your website like rendering smart grids with sorting, filtering and paging, or make buttons and links with event handlers to call server methods with AJAX functionality.
  • Availability of UI components to avoid writing loops and loops of code or manually having to write anchor tags.
  • Lastly, a good PHP framework will never slow down the development process. It will in fact help speed work.

Using a framework is good when you want to accomplish your task in a less amount of time and with a lot of automated tools available for you. However, you will be limited by the functionalities offered by the particular framework. This means that you need to select the framework with care and only after understanding it’s features and comparing them to your requirements.

There are plenty of PHP frameworks around these days. Research the features of each one of them, select the right PHP development company and only then take the decision. After you have done your homework, you can select a framework that will not only be beneficial to you to quickly set up shop, but also help your website sustain technology changes long term.

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