Software Development – Best Practices To Manage Software Development Projects Effectively

Of course, Software development is a NEED of today’s businesses and therefore, more ‘n’ more enterprise approach software development company in India to get their job done smoothly and effectively. However, not all the software development projects achieve desired success. In fact, most of the software development projects fail, and if we believe the reports revealed by The Standish Group International Inc., more than 80% of the projects are unsuccessful. The main reasons behind this could be over budget, lack of functions, delay in project delivery or all three of them.

Apart from all these, more than 30% of the software development projects are executed poorly, which at the end result in the cancellation of the project before its completion. In such scenario, It has become crucial for the software development company in India to follow a few of the best practices in order to execute each and every software project effectively.

In this article, we’re going to explore a few of the best practices that will help you manage software projects effectively.

•  Hire skilled and experienced resources for the software development project
Today, business and software development environment is a lot more complicated than ever before. Of course, there are a lot of tools available to help software development company in India to leverage from, but at the end, inexperienced people or developer fail to produced desired results. In order overcome such issues, one should hire skilled and experienced IT resources like project managers, technical lead and more.

• Leverage from the advanced technology
Most of the Fortune 500 companies have managed to utilize almost every kind of advanced technology successfully. However, it is not always necessary that you’ve to use advanced tools, sometimes you may have to use some other tools that can help you leverage from the competitive advantage. Ensure that you leverage from the advanced technologies while developing software application.

• Choose appropriate development process
Today, software applications and projects demands a wide range of things, which requires one to consider appropriate development methodology or process to make it successful. Most of the software development companies use agile or spiral development methodology or process to build application. Ensure that you choose the right kind of method or process as it will determine the success or failure your project.

• Bring right tools
A successful application development needs the right kind of tools, which brings productivity to the development team. Ensure that you use the right kind of hardware, designing, development and testing tools. If possible, try to provide training to the development tools to make it easy for them to use the tools.

• Utilize source control management
It is important that you use source control management system from the beginning of the project in order to control all the documents as well as source code with the help of unified system.

Apart from all these, you should also track all projects hours, break efforts into the mini-milestones and more. Ensure that you follow all the best practices discussed above to manage your software development project effectively. Share your views in the comments…!

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