Some Must Ask Questions When Selecting An IT Consulting Services India

A business can seek the assistance of IT Consulting Services to provide a software solution when in-house development resources either does not exist or do not have the capacity to take on the project. The outsourcing of the software development services is an effective way to expedite the software project.

There are many IT consulting services companies in India to choose from? However, the fact is many software companies differ significantly even if they appear similar on the surface. Many people choose price as a factor while choosing a company but there are other important factors to consider while choosing an IT consulting services. Here are some of the facts to consider when selecting a consulting company.

1.Have the company build a software solution in the past that is similar to the solution you want to build?
This is an important factor because if the company has built a solution that you are looking for then they can leverage their domain expertise, technical skills, knowledge etc. to reduce risks on your project.

2.Can they show examples of their work that showcase the same level of complexity?
If the company shows you the website they have built and you need a robust and secure web application, then it is clear that the company may not have the expertise that you require.

3.How many developers does the company have and what are their years of experience?
Usually, bigger the team the more capability they have to deliver the solution. If they underestimate the hours they can add more resources to get your project done. You should always seek to have senior-level developers working on your project which is generally defined as 5+ years of relevant experience.

4. What technologies do they use? Are they using modern programming languages and design patterns?
Most modern web applications use MVC, JSON, JQuery etc. and are running as SAAS in the Cloud. Mobile applications use HTML5, iOS, Android etc. and if the company is not using any of these technologies then it’s better to look for other option.

5. Did you check client references and were they positive?
Always ask for client references if they have delivered an exact software solution and has actual users using it.

6. What about the price? If it is higher than another quote then is the company able to justify it?
Price is certainly a crucial factor while selecting an IT consulting services for your project. Building better quality solutions requires more time and effort so you should not just base your decision on price if you are interested in an elegant high-quality solution.

7. Which development process the company follows? How mature is their project management process?
Check whether the company follows agile or any other software development process. If the company follows agile methodology then there are four primary attributes such as Rapid Feature Iterations, Transparency, Scope Flexibility and Frequent Communication.

These are some of the questionnaire’s you should consider while choosing an IT consulting company. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to avail the best IT Consulting Services at an affordable cost…!

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