Symfony Development OR Zend Framework?

Symfony Development is the latest hype and if you are still wondering what the hype is all about, here, we will check out a few things that make Symfony framework just better than Zend Framework.

PHP is a web programming language that has given birth to many frameworks. CakePHP, CodeIgnitor are a few of them. Frameworks help PHP developers to ease the coding and develop highly complex web applications and websites.

Symfony Development OR Zend Framework

Symfony Framework: This framework is based on the MVC architecture. It is open source of course, and developers get the rights to customize and create web apps and ease the repetitive coding tasks. Symfony is known for it’s low overhead for performance. This makes it ideal for developing enterprise level apps. For configuration purposes, users (developers) have complete authority to change it. The framework also has supporting and debugging tools for developers.

Zend Framework: Zend is also a versatile PHP framework. The latest version of zend also includes PHP 5. It is an object oriented framework and also uses the MVC model for development. The framework comes with the ability to support a wide range of databases – MySQL, Maria db , Oracle, Microsoft SQL server , SQ lite, as well as an Informix Dynamix server in all the other frameworks.

Here is a comparative study of the two PHP frameworks:

  • Symfony development has an easy learning curve. A novice can pick it up in considerably less time than other frameworks. Zend framework on the other hand was targeted towards professional PHP developers.
  • Symfony has proper support for unit testing. Zend framework does not have such support elements for testing, but requires it at every stage.
  • Symfony was the first major framework to cover PHP 5.3 and was also responsible for Dependency Injection Container. It is also armed with a built in profiler and debug toolbar. Zend Framework lacks this kind of support.
  • For templates, the Symfony templating feature is more matured as compared to the zend framework. The layout scripts that are applied can be easily customized as per business requirements.
  • Symfony Framework has extensive plugins that can be used to add functionalities for all kinds of businesses.

Although both the frameworks are used in the enterprise niche, Symfony just overrides Zend in certain areas. The zend framework is powerful too and there are many content management systems prevalent today that are based on core zend framework development. Symfony web development has gained popularity due to the many advanced features for coding and debugging as well as testing that it supports.

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