“This team exhibits technical excellence. We appreciate the GMI team’s potential for
consistently delivering results throughout the project lifecycle. The project management
and development team are always at hand to quickly respond to any queries and flexibly
accommodate any change request. As a software development company, GMI has exceeded our expectations by meeting every technical challenge with ease, rendering the quality output just in time.”

Craig Agranoff
Founder/Director, Grip'd

“Only GMI can wrap a vast concept into an easy to navigate website. The team mitigated every possible challenge and delivered an error-free application. Further, the team always stood on the edge to recommend an alternative, better-performing solution. We appreciate GMI for delivering excellence amid complexities, and for beautifully crafting the concept with SEO- friendly approach. For trust-worthy software development partnership, seek none other than

Manjesh Singh
CTO, VLSI Research Inc

“The team’s quick project understanding ability helped us get started swiftly. We would
recommend GMI for its superior project planning and end-to-end support. Implementation,
being the core activity, always gave us chills; however, team GMI handled it with thorough
professionalism, making the task as easy as plug and play. Team GMI is a wonderful offshore
development partner; we will look forward for the same kind of association for our future

Mr. Abdulrahman Ahmed al Mofuddi
CEO, Ownigo

“This was a large project and GMI blew away even our most ambitious expectations. We were hesitant to use an Indian firm for such a major project, but GMI showed professionalism and a staff that was eager to please us and easy to communicate with. Language was not an issue at any point, as the entire GMI staff speaks excellent English. I was also impressed that they were ALWAYS willing to make time during OUR business hours to chat online or on the telephone to make sure that everyone was on the same page on the project. Even after payment has been made, GMI continues to fix minor bugs and make sure everything with the site and our database is perfect for us. An A+ firm that we have now signed an ongoing contract with, and if you choose them you will most likely do the same.”

Andy Swan
Founder and President, Mytrade Inc

“I've been working with outsourced development teams for over 8 years. The team at GMI is more professional, experienced and faster than any other firm I've worked with. What really impressed me was the time and effort they put into planning the development before they even started building. They had hundreds of pages of documentation to ensure the system was built to my exact specifications. We made several changes and additions mid way through the project and they were flexible and fast to incorporate the changes. I figure I probably paid about 20% - 30% of what it would have cost to have an American firm build it. GMI is very responsive, flexible and hard working. They are eager to please and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. They also get the internet space better than I've ever seen from an overseas development company which can really go a long way in helping you build a good website. They have good knowledge of web 2.0 and social networking types of technology. The speed at which they complete tasks is very impressive, and yet they still manage to keep it relatively bug free. All of these positive traits add up and are the reason GMI is one of the most successful development teams.”

Jon Carder
Founder and CEO, MojoPages

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