The Future of Mobile Application Development – Infographics

In this smart age, the use of smart phones continues to grow. 91 percent of the total world’s population uses mobile phones, out of which 61 percent of people have got smart phones. Looking at this continuous increase in the use of smartphones, it has been predicted that 1 Billion smartphones will be sold in the next year, which will be double than the estimated number of PCs to sell. You will be amazed to know that by the next year, the number of mobile devices used by people will be more than the total world population. As per the survey, it has been predicted that the world population will be 7.3 B; whereas the number of mobile devices will be 10 Billion.

More than half of the smart phone users make the use of applications in their phones, increasing the demand of mobile application development. While the popularity and use of the iPhone and Android mobile apps are increasing gradually, the use of Windows and blackberry apps are decreasing. The smart object devices will be accessible via apps and wearable technology. Some of the best mobile app trends are outside promotion, context aware marketing, preparing to be worn, advanced user experience and mobile-connected smart objects.

Future of Mobile Apps

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