The Misconceptions That Are Ruining What PHP Earned Till Now!

2013 has been an excellent year for the entire PHP community due to a series of new milestones created by the PHP itself. While Google has declared it as world’s most popular programming language, PHP has also beaten the conventional platforms like ASP.NET during the year 2013.

PHP has become an effective alternative to a number of programming languages and web development platforms such as Java/JSP, ASP.Net and ROR (Ruby On Rails), which are conventionally considered more powerful, advanced and/or mature than PHP. This is the reason why companies are approaching Hire dedicated PHP developers services.

Even though PHP has managed to set great milestones in the last few years, still there are many people across the world who doesn’t think that PHP is “Perfect”. So, what’s the reason? Well, you’ll be surprised by knowing the fact that most of them avoid using PHP just because of a few misconceptions about it. Let’s start digging into a few of the most common misconceptions that are running what PHP has earned till now!
-> PHP is based on OOP, not OOPS!
Of course, anyone associated will argue that it is not at all a treat. There are many programmers, specifically Java programmers, who still believe that PHP is OOPS based. However, if they take a deep look in PHP, they will surely find tons of Object Oriented features like interfaces, methods, abstract and so on.

There is no denying that previous or earlier version of PHP was having lack of OO features, but PHP 5. x brings a whole host of OO mechanics. Bootstrap code has become very easy in PHP. So, better to stop believing those who are saying PHP is not the OOPS based!

-> It is impossible to implement any specific functionality using PHP
Of course, this misconception is quite obscure where developers believe that it is impossible for them to implement specific functionalities, like memory access or a few features that are not supported by the main PHP distribution, using PHP. However, the fact is that PHP is an extensible and scalable language. All you’ve to do is to write a code in C or C++, create an extension, integrate it and that’s it!

-> PHP is slower & less secure!
PHP converted into a compiled language in 2000, which has made a few people think that PHP is slower as it is complied language. However, that is not a reality. You can easily use a PHP accelerator in order to skip the initial compilation.

Moreover, there are a few developers who believe that PHP websites or applications are less secure. Of course, there are tons of the insecure codes written in PHP, but that doesn’t mean PHP is less secure. You can create robust applications if you’ve thorough knowledge about all the directives.

-> It is not made for big enterprise-level applications
There is no denying that creating large applications requires language that is reliable and highly performance-driven, but that doesn’t mean PHP doesn’t have enough capabilities to develop giant or enterprise-level applications. Some of the popular websites like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and more are built using PHP.

It is important to note that these are not the only misconceptions; there are tons of others out there. However, it is important that you don’t fall for any of such misconceptions. Do you’ve more misconceptions to share about PHP? Share your views or experience with the PHP language in the comments…!

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