The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

Starting with a humble beginning, PHP Development today has evolved to such a great extent that it is the backbone of over 70% websites on the web. Early evolution lagged in quite some areas, but the open source community and ardent PHP developers helped make it the “Language of the web” today.

Today PHP is looked upon as a robust, secure and reliable web development language that can cater to the requirements of small as well as large websites – including enterprise web requirements. So, what makes PHP development so appealing?

1. Data Structures

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

PHP arrays are simple like ordered hash tables. Creating one data structure for a programming language and making it as simple as possible, making it highly flexible along with high performance, PHP would be the right choice.

2. Meant for the web

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

As mentioned earlier, 70% of the web runs on PHP. This rapid and extreme success is due to the fact that PHP was meant for the web. You do not need to create any extra bootstrapping to make PHP work for the web. It was built for the web!

3. More than Enough Documentation

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

Many a time’s new programming languages fail to catch on. This is mainly because of lack of documentation for users to implement and develop applications using it. PHP does not fall into this category of web programming languages. It has a great documentation and there are a gamut of blogs, tutorials and health resources out on the internet that have been built by the enthusiastic PHP community. This makes the language all the more popular. Forums and other discussions provide PHP developers with great resources whenever help is required.

4. Standard Libraries

PHP is loaded with libraries that are consistent, complete and are effectively handled by PHP. It can help perform expensive operations at a low level without as much context switching.

5. PHP is Stable

PHP over the years has been worked upon and today is a highly stable language that powers most of the big brands of the web. Web brands like facebook is powered by PHP and handles millions and millions of queries, registrations and messaging capabilities. It is an undeniable fact that PHP is stable and is being rapidly adapted for building websites of all shapes and sizes.

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

PHP is certainly gaining a lot of ground in the web world. PHP developers take advantage of its open source nature and build on it to prepare great web solutions for enterprises, large and small businesses. PHP as compared to other web development languages is more flexible, more scalable and certainly more stable. Any kind of security concerns are not really about the language any more. It’s about how well a PHP developer can build security into the application they build! Well, PHP is the future of the web, and customizing your web solution and tailoring it to suit your business requirement is a great way to start your next web project.

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