The Top 4 Mobile Application Development Myths: Debunk & Destroy Them

As the field of mobile application development is continuously making progress, a lot of businesses have ventured into the mobile apps. However, the mobile app development is still surrounded by false beliefs. The misinformation is as dangerous as incomplete information; no matter the information is about iPhone, Windows or Android application development.

mobile app developmentIf these false beliefs are not removed, it can either result into the complex and disaster app development or loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The problem here is, people dream to become build a mobile application, but they do not try to get the complete knowledge and right information about it. They begin working with all the false beliefs and misconceptions that they have, which ultimately leads to nothing, but failure. So, let us strive together to expose some of the most dangerous mobile application development myths and try to get rid of them forever.

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Native app is the best option to consider


Consider your needs and audience before choosing the type of app. The mobile apps can be native, hybrid as well as mobile web; and each of them has got its own pros and cons. OF course, native apps works really well. However, that does not mean it works best all the time. The best advice is to know and understand your exact business needs and requirements as well as know what your audience wants. Once you know that, you can choose which type of application you should build, native, hybrid or web.


Users will surge once my app is ready


You will earn a lot of users only after you promote the app Of course, you are building an app for customers. However, that doesn’t mean in any way, that they will rush to download your app as soon as you submit it into the app store. It takes time for users to know about your app. You must promote it as and where you can to let people know about it.


Your work is done, once you have developed the app


Your actual work begins, once you have developed the app

Most companies believe that their work is done after the app is developed. However, the fact is the actual work starts after the app gets developed. They forget that they need to update and maintain the app too. The changes should be made as per the reviews and feedback of customers.


App will be successful if it has got great features


Benefits are more important than features

The discussion of features versus benefits is going on since quite a long now. Well, no matter how good the features are, the app will not be successful, if those features do not benefit the customers. So, you must pay importance to benefits more than features.

Now that you are aware of all the most disturbing and dangerous misconceptions regarding the mobile application development, it is your duty to make the contribution in spreading the word and make people aware of the truth, to eradicate the misconceptions!

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