Tips for Designing Mobile Apps for effective Functionality and Usage

In today’s world, the smartphones are no longer a luxury instead they are now a necessity which everyone desires to own for well-communicated lifestyle. Apps are the essential elements of these smart phones which enable users to do much more with their mobile devices. It’s true that the apps are highly popular in the present mobile friendly world but what makes sense to the mobile users is a value-driven app.  An app that is highly attractive and offers rich-set of functionalities is what the users like about a mobile app. Today there are billions of apps available for download by the users and hence, if you want your mobile app to win in this tough competition it should be out-of-the-box type and should be designed well to meet out the user’s criteria. After all it’s the mobile app design that sets the trigger to make your users visit your app and stay connected with it for longer time. A user engaging design with effective functionality can not only attract users to the app but can also retain them to offer better and improved profits to the app owners.

mobile application development

Design of a mobile app can be laid out in two different perspectives – one is UX and the other being the UI. Both user interface as well as user experience play an important part in designing of a mobile app. Not only attractive, your mobile application should also be easy to use and should offer higher user experiences in order to get on to the minds of the users. It’s always a good idea to design mobile app only after analyzing who will be the targeted users of it. Yes, before you take your mobile application development approach to the next level of implementation, you need to thoroughly understand its audience in order to get it just the way your users like it.

Following are a few important criteria one needs to consider when designing a mobile app that offers effective functionality and usage to its users.

Design Your Fonts Better
Wise selection of font attributes like color, size, spacing etc. can have a great impact on the appearance of your app. You need to adjust them accordingly to create outstanding mobile app design with catchy experience for the users.

Easy Navigation
Proper navigation is necessary in order to make your app easily accessible to your users. Complex navigation structures may lead your users to be confused and hence, can reduce its impact on the user who fails to find what he/she was looking for.

Colors should be Pleasing
Color selection for various parts and elements of your app will have a great on its beauty. The right color scheme with right balance of colors without excess can make an app look attractive, eye catchy and more appealing to the users.

Proper Tabs and Buttons are Important
Tabs allow for easy access of the app for the users and hence, should be designed properly so that users can easily make use of them to move out to different parts of the app. Moreover, if you are designing an app you should be careful of designing your buttons for the app such that both right and left handed can use them effectively.

Apart from this, factors like security, image resolution, simplicity and design based on well-defined OS guidelines can play an important role in mobile application development approach. Through agile approach, one can ensure better development process for creation of feature-rich and attractive mobile apps as per the requirements of the businesses.

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