Tips to Choose the Right Framework for PHP Application Development

You might have heard of frameworks that are used usually in PHP application development or web development. If no, then don’t worry. This blog will help you understand about the PHP frameworks, what they are and why they are important. It will give you a good understanding of why actually the frameworks are employed in application development and how to choose the right framework for your application development needs.

PHP Application Development

What is a Framework and how is it useful?

A framework can be defined as the set of classes and functions that the developers follow and use while developing an application. Coding from scratch is not required when you are using a framework and hence this saves up the efforts and development time. Frameworks address the issues of code organization, documentation and use the MVC paradigm where the coding and design of the application are separated for ease of developers. In the earlier days, when there were no frameworks, applications were developed in an exclusive manner where every coder had his own way of development using his own methodology or technique for organizing the code and designing the architecture of the application. Hence, there were always issues of code structuring, documentation and problems that arise when a programmer leaves and a new programmer takes up the work of the application development. In this case the new programmer had no idea of what the earlier programmer had done and created a lot of mess for him. Frameworks solve these sort of complexities and therefore make programming and development a much easier and rapid process. The developers can now migrate from project to project without actually having to worry about the structure of the code. Stability is the advantageous factor here as the underlying code will change less often with the use of frameworks. Frameworks enable developing of quicker prototypes and are the best tools for Agile software development. Additional features like caching, helper functions, unit testing, session control, availability of variety of templates. third party plug-ins and tools, access control and log-in management make frameworks the best utility for web or application development.

How to Choose a Framework for PHP Application Development?

PHP has got an extensive list of frameworks and hence selecting a suitable framework for application development is often an issue. However, the major factor for the selection process remains the type and needs of your application. It means which kind of application you need to develop, what would be its functionalities and various other factors like these. For example, you might know about the most popular PHP framework used these days, but, what if it doesn’t sync or work with your application needs. You need to be picky and very careful while selecting a framework for development of your PHP application. If you are a novice with no idea of the frameworks used in PHP application development, the better way would be taking help of some knowledge programmer or an application development company who can guide you to the selection of the best framework suitable for your project.

Define your business objective and analyze the needs of your app first. Every framework has got its own specialty – while one is the best for online payment, other would be best for development of content based application. A specific PHP framework would be best for mobile app development while the same would not be the best for development of graphical web application or application full of images and videos. Hence, before selecting a framework, you must make clear in your mind on what kind of app you want – whether an online payment app, video based app, content rich app, mobile app or web application full of graphics and images. Framework which can best support your business objective should be your priority.

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Development time and costs would also play an important role here. Yes, you must enquire from your PHP application development company about the time and costs that would be incurred in development of your app using the specific framework. Select a comparatively affordable and most suitable framework for your app.

Check out the current trending frameworks and find out if any of it would be suitable for your needs. If yes, enquire and consider various other factors like time, costs etc., required for development of your business app with that specific framework. If everything is goes well, then the best option would be to select that popular framework as this will keep you in trend and competitive with respect to your competitors.

So, think wise, enquire and only then select the best suitable framework for your application development in order to reap the best results out of it.

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