Tips to Keep Your Prestashop Store Up & Running This Holiday Period

PrestaShop is one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce development. Based on widely used technologies like PHP and MySQL, PrestaShop is currently used by more than two lakh online shops worldwide.  The platform supports the best of the features for online shopping portals like management of payments, products, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers information etc. Ecommerce development with PrestaShop will allow developers to easily customize the store with new and interesting themes while use the add-on modules to add custom features to the store as per the requirement of the customer.

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Prepare Your PrestaShop Store for Holidays
So, the most awaited holiday season is right here. All are excited and looking forward to enjoy lots of shopping and goodies to buy for these holidays. It’s a jolly time for the shoppers out there, but at the same time, it’s a tough moment for the retailers with online shops who are worried about the performance of their store that may possibly come to a halt or breakup during the heavy rush time of the holiday shopping period.  Any kind of negligence or loophole in the store at this point of time can lead to serious problems and hence can result in tremendous loss for the store owners. So, it calls for preparing before time, this holiday season for PrestaShop online store owners.

Following are a few important things to consider for PrestaShop store owners to get ready for this holiday season.

Inventory Check & Update
It has been found from a survey that nearly 40 to 45% of the online shoppers who find stock-out at a store will move to another store for purchase and very less are the chances for them to return back in the future. Hence, out of stock can harm the reputation of the online store thereby resulting in the loss of customers and business for the store owner.

Solution for this is to check your inventory and stay update every time especially when it’s the up time for business like the festivities and holiday time. This holiday time make sure you check out the inventory in your store and update it as per the latest requirements for better online business.

Promotional Price Markdowns
Price markdown is what your consumers will just love to see at to your online store. Every online store whether it is Amazon, Walmart or Flipkart, everyone goes for promotional price markdowns to attract their customers. So, why not you. If you want to succeed as a retailer you need to be along with trend and put your prices down to offer products at the same or lower price than your competitors. Only then customers will be attracted to your store. This festive season keep your prices down for a short term to get your sales rising. This is also a good way to clear out your unsold inventory.

Give Your Customers Visual Information
Every shopper would be interested in the visual appearance or outlook of the product they are buying online. A product image can give customers a better idea of what they are buying and hence, increases their chances to go for a purchase in case that product attracts them. So, do not display your products as faceless ghosts. Better keep them live with good images. This will significantly boost up your sales this holiday season.

So, if you are a retailer, first of all consider custom Prestashop development this holiday season in order to get the best out of it. With the help of PrestaShop development experts you can build an efficient online store to start up your online business and moreover by following the above tips you can definitely get the best out of your investments made.

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