Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress today is the most popular open source content management system (CMS) to create websites and blogs and probably every developer’s ultimate choice for developing world-class websites. Having your site hacked is not a fun. That’s why we take security very seriously. A perfect and 100% secure system is impossible but we will try to describe you how you can secure your website from malicious hackers.

If design and functionality is important to a website than security is most important all of above because it takes several days or months to build a beautiful website. You need to keep in mind that your entire local machine where you setup or build your website should be secured. It’s the first loophole, you need to use latest softwares, always use a good antivirus, remove garbage from your system and do safe browsing.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to improve your WordPress Security.

Use secure web server hosting

Not all web hosting providers use secure and trusted hosting in fact hosting vulnerabilities account for a huge percentage of WordPress sites being hacked. If your server been hacked than its possible that all websites hosted on the same server can be vulnerable. Make sure to always use server level firewall, powerful passwords and make a habit of changing the passwords frequently.

Use SFTP instead of FTP, data transferred between your computer and website would be encrypted. Lockdown files and folders using the file permissions as quickly as possible. If you keep everything up-to-date your website is much less likely to get hacked by the hackers. In case you are using multiple websites on the same server then try to use separate users for database also you can restrict privileges user-wise.

Keep updated themes, plugins

Every new release of WordPress contains several fixes and patches that address real vulnerabilities. If you don’t update your website with the latest version of WordPress, it becomes easy for hackers to target your older version with known security issues. So always keep updated your WordPress version with the latest themes and plugins to avoid any sort of attacks.

There are several plugins available which will act as firewall and provide a security package. Some are Better WP Security, Bulletproof security and All in one WP security and firewall .

Keep backup

Even with the best security measures, you never know when the unexpected could happen that might leave your site open to attack. Make sure to always keep backup of your source code and database before its too late.

Follow protection steps for website

Here are some of the few steps which you can implement to protect your website from unknow attacks.

  • a. Don’t use admin username because it’s very common.
  • b. Use complex password and don’t share with everyone.
  • c. Avoid free themes as there can be security breaches.
  • d. Use trusted plugins only.
  • e. Disable file editing via admin panel.
  • f. Limit login attempts
  • g. Use htacess rules for security.
  • h. Protect login, config and admin area using htaccess file.
  • i. Change the default wp_ table prefix it can prevent from SQL injections
  • j. Disabling directory browsing.

You have applied all the preventions but still your site gets hacked in such case DON’T PANIC! Keep continous monitoring on the server using the logs and access files because hackers always leaves traces which can be recovered from logs faster than expected.

To conclude, these are some of the major tips which will help you to prevent your website from getting hacked and stay ahead of the hackers!

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