Top 10 Ways Symfony 2 Is Better Than Symfony 1

Amidst the multiple frameworks of PHP like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend and many more, Symfony stands out from the crowd for the unlimited benefits it provides to developers as well as businesses. Symfony has got a lot of command tools and the configuration gets easy. Also, it has got an extensive cache system and if you want to add in more features, you can also do that by plug-ins. Of course, it is an open source framework and compliant with most platforms and libraries. It can be used to build applications that can adapt itself as per the changing business environment.

Symfony Development

With so many benefits, Symfony framework has been extensively used across the world to build fully functional websites and applications. A lot of companies have started offering Symfony development services. With the advancement in technology, Symfony has come up with its second version known as Symfony 2, which of course is better than Symfony 1. So, let us take a look at some of the most important reasons to choose Symfony 2 over Symfony 1 and how it is better.

1. Structure of directories: In app/ directory, Symfony 1 contained one or more apps, whereas Symfony 2 contains just one app inside the directory and it doesn’t have PHP code, as it stores the configuration templates.

2. Console: In Symfony 1, console was known as Symfony and it was in the root directory; whereas in Symfony 2, the name of the console has been changed from Symfony to Console and it is in the sub directory instead of root directory.

3. Auto loading: Auto loading in Symfony 2 is universal and faster than that of Symfony 1. Also, unlike Symfony 1, you do not need to clear cache when classes are added or removed and the autoloading process is carried out using a tool known as composer.

4. Bundles: In Symfony 1, everything that a plug-in could do can be done using bundles in Symfony 2. Also, they are more powerful than the plugins. These highly flexible bundles let you customize the app and add up more functionality.

5. Applications: Unlike Symfony 1, you do not require creating separate applications for the frontend and backend; you can have a single application. However, you can make separate apps using bundles.

6. Doctrine 2: Well, in Symfony 2, Doctrine 2 does not depend upon code generation. It allows the annotations which will help you to set relationships clearly.

7. The templating component: If you want to create any type of template system, the templating component will provide you tools to create the same.

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8. Backward compatibility: This helps you to upgrade from minor version to major version of Symfony.

9. Maintenance and upgradability: Symfony 2 makes sure that the applications last long.

10. Documentation: Symfony 2 has detailed documentation that also includes the start guide.

Now that are aware of some of the most important ways in which Symfony 2 is better than Symfony 1, it is advisable for you to switch over to Symfony 2 and get the most out of it. Good luck with that!

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