Top 4 PHP Myths: Know, Understand and Dispel

Everyone knows that the world famous companies like Facebook and Flickr are powered by PHP. A large number of companies have chosen PHP as the platform for developing their websites and applications. Over years, it has gained popularity worldwide and is still growing because of innumerable features and benefits. Because of its continuous growth, there are a lot of companies who have started providing the PHP Application Development services . However, there are a lot of people who still believe in the criticism and have false beliefs regarding PHP. This one is especially for removing those misconceptions from the minds of people, so that they come to know the real fact!

PHP Development

There are a lot of myths that prevail in the web development market, which we need to eradicate. This is not the work of ‘one’; it needs ‘many’ to snatch away these misconceptions from the roots of the minds of people. So, in order to dispel the PHP myths, you must be aware of them first. So, let us take a sneak peak over some of the most important PHP myths.

1. It is not scalable

When people talk about scalability, it is about performance of the web application. Well, the fault tolerance and code maintainability of PHP is better than any other language. Though, PHP is compiled during page request, now you can pre compile it using optimizers in order to speed up the progressing. In addition to that, caching is easy and quick too. All these things contribute in increasing the performance of the application and making it highly scalable.

2. It is difficult to code

No coding language is crappy; everything depends upon the developer. The bad coder will code bad even if the coding language is easy. PHP is a simple language and extremely easy to learn. A lot of programmers can code in PHP to build website and apps, even without taking training. So, if a developer is great with sound technical knowledge and experience, he can work well with PHP.
3. It is not appropriate for large applications

Most people think that PHP is not good for building large enterprise applications. It is alright to use it for small websites and apps. However, you must not forget that PHP can now be pre complied using the optimizers, which can help it running faster, thus making it eligible for building massive apps and dynamic websites like Facebook.

4. Not secured

Even if there is no code security by default, the developers can make it secured using some tools and security code. So, it all depends upon the developer. The better the developer, the more secured PHP website or app you get.

Now that you are aware of the common myths of PHP prevailing in the market, make sure you try to eradicate them. Also, if you are planning to get a new website or an application developed, choose PHP as your platform and contact a reputed PHP Development Company to get your work done as per your exact requirements.

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