Top 5 IDEs That Can Make PHP Web Development Plain Sailing

Not to say again, certainly, PHP is world-famous programming language that’s backed by great tools, frameworks and impressive community support to build web applications in a good development environment.

Top 5IDEsThat Can Make PHP Web Development Plain Sailing

During PHP web app development, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files editing is imperative, which demands a lot of efforts in coding that makes development more cumbersome and time-consuming.

Here, IDEs would help by providing a set of tools for effective development that eliminates the development efforts which goes into editing of code.PHP is loaded with many IDEs that’s helpful in different project development based on the requirements.

The PHP editors are may be free, paid and open-source. But, finding best IDE muddy the waters that’s making the situation difficult as to go with what or what not. So, here 5 best PHP IDEs are rounded up that will provide in-depth insights of how it can help you:

1) CodeLobster PHP Edition

The multi functional portable IDE is loaded with advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript auto complete feature, PHP debugger,code validator, SQL manager, and context and dynamic help.The PHP edition makes the PHP development easy by alleviating the need to recall the arguments, functions, tags and their related attributes again and again. The code can be validated locally through PHP debugger that automatically detects current server settings and organizes the matching files.

2) PHPStorm

The smart PHP IDE support all the features of PHP language for modern and legacy projects. It deeply understand the code structure, check the error, highlight it and then prevent it with refactoring, debugging and unit testing. It auto complete the code, if it’s found incomplete. Moreover, it contains all the WEBstorms features, built-in developer tools and database/SQL support that makes PHPStorman intelligent coding assistant, which inspects the error as developer type the code.

3) NetBeans

The out-of-box code analyzers and editors enable the PHP web app development and upgrade smooth. The IDE check the code smartly at speed and refactor it using powerful tools. By providing different views of data, IDE give clear overview of large application with thousands of folders and files, and efficiently manage the project.

4) Komodo ActiveState

Komodo ActiveState IDE goes well with almost all the languages. It enables code debugging in Chrome without context switching or locating the same code in Chrome dev tools. The code intelligence, graphical debugging, version control and integrated tools, workflow and file management, customization and add-ons make it a perfect IDE that can work what you dreamed of.

5) Zend Studio

The unique IDE creates high quality mobile apps with PHP. The advanced code editor ease the development with code assistance, code completion, refactoring and real-time validation. Sample mobile application availability with source code help developers to create mobile app on-the-fly. Besides, built-in cloud deployment integrated feature make the PHP app deployment on cloud hassle- free.

The final word

IDEs are the unavoidable tool for PHP web development. There is a long list of IDEs one could find in the market, but the best are enlisted here. If you want to build scalable web applications at speed and scale your business, then start embracing the IDEs in PHP development.

Do you find any IDE is missing that can be placed in the best 5 IDEs for PHP web app development? Please share them in comments below.

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