Top 5 Software Development Methodologies

Software development methodologies have become an integral part of the software development process; though not on the technical aspect, but it works the best when it comes to the planning. The software development companies these days make the most out of the software development methodologies. The professionals use them to customize the software development as per their requirements. In short, it is a framework which is used to plan, structure as well as control the information system. There are several methodologies; each with its own benefits and disadvantages. So, you must study all of them before you decide which is the best one; as per your needs. So, let us take a sneak peak over some of the most important software development methodologies here.

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1. Waterfall Model
This is one of the oldest and commonly used traditional way to develop software; where in the process goes in linear sequential flow which means that a step begins only after the competition of the previous step and that there is no scope of going to the previous steps in case there is a change in requirement. However, it is extremely simple and easy to understand, thus being apt for the beginners. It is extremely easy to manage and it saves a large amount of time. So, it is the best model to choose if you have a small project and if you are extremely clear with the requirements.

2. Prototype Methodology
The process includes developing a prototype solution at first to show the functionalities to client and make the necessary changes, before the actual development of the software. One important benefit of this methodology over waterfall model is that, it solves most issues beforehand, which avoids the risk of failure.

3. Agile Software Development Methodology
This approach allows you to do frequent changes in the development project. It is a conceptual framework that minimizes the risk, as it develops the software in iterations which can range from one week to one month. The best thing about it is that, it responds to the changing requirements.

4. Rapid Application Development
As the name suggests, this methodology focuses on speed. It not only provides quicker results, but also focuses on high quality. The prime focus is to accelerate the entire software development process and active user participation contributes the most in achieving the goal. Also, this methodology reduces the risk as well as efforts of the developers. Moreover, customer feedback opens the room for improvement.

5. Spiral Model
This model starts the development process on the small scale, identifies the risks, makes the plan to handle and reduce the risks and then decides if it is the time to move to the next iteration. It involves large amount of risk analysis which makes it apt for large projects.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important software development methodologies, it is advisable for you to study each of them in detail and then choose the one which suits the best to your needs and requirements. Good luck for the same!

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