Top 6 PHP Web Development Mistakes You Must Avoid

In this competitive world, where it is extremely difficult for one technology to survive in the market, PHP has been doing exceptionally well. It is one of the most preferred server side scripting languages used to build complex and large websites and web applications. This evergreen language is used it build dynamic web pages and is well know because of its robustness, cost effectiveness as well as multi-platform support. The field of PHP web development is gaining popularity each day because of its amazing frameworks.

php web development

Although developers have been working on PHP since several years, there are few people who have misunderstood the basic features and tend to make silly mistakes while coding. As these small errors don’t hamper the functioning, they are overlooked. However, it creates adverse effects on the longer run, as it brings in security loopholes in the app.

Let us take a look at some of the most commonly made mistakes in PHP web development, so that you can keep them in mind and avoid it. Here are the most common blunders of PHP development.

1. Incorrect use of operators: One of the most common mistakes that developers make is to use wrong operators. For example: many a times, they use ‘=’ instead of ‘==’, which changes the value of variable which can create problems.

2. Forgetting to rewrite URLs: As per the modern practice, it is recommendable for URLs to be clean; meaning they should contain least variables. It is also mentioned in framework guides for Symfony, Zend and Laravel, to name a few. So, don’t forget to rewrite the URLs.

3. Using Mysql extension: using Mysql extension is outdated now, as it is unreliable and insecure, as it does not support SSL. So, it is advisable for developers to go for MySQLi, as it is u to date as well as more reliable and faster.

4. Not using PDO: As PHP Data Objects allows using the syntax of object oriented, it aligns the code for MS SQL and PostgreSQL. So, it is advisable to use PDO. Also, it has got time saving feature and also makes things easie by using named parameters.

5. Forgetting to use database caching: As we all know that caching improves app performance as well as database performance, we should use database caching. Also, it enhances user experience.

6. Suppressing errors: Everyone must take errors positively, as it tells you what is going wrong so that you can fix it. Suppressing errors and letting app run with bug is really bad. It is always good practice to redirect them to error log. So, never ever suppress errors and go ahead and resolve them so as to make an error free app.

Now that you are aware of some of the most commonly made blunders while coding in PHP, it is highly recommendable for you to share these tips with PHP developers that you hire to get your website or web app developed, so as to get an error free and successful web based solution for your business.

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