Top 7 Must-Know Reasons to Choose PHP 7 for Web Development

PHP web development is one of those evergreen fields which will never fade away. The language is getting more advanced and popular each day with new tools, technologies and frameworks each day. If your website runs on PHP framework like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, to name a few, there is good news for you! Also, the good news is for all the skilled and talented PHP developers; be it amateur or experienced professional. The new version PHP 7 is ready to empower the websites and web applications with the help of its rich bundle of features. PHP7 development is soon going to reach new heights, as people across the world will start using it.

PHP7 Development

There are a lot of things which you should know about PHP 7. However, some of those things may sound a bit too exciting. So, here are the top 7 things about PHP 7 that will excite you.

1. After PHP 5.6, it’s PHP 7, not PHP 6.
After PHP 5.6, there were disputes regarding the name of the next version. However, the development experts finally decided to omit the name PHP 6 and avoid the confusion. They decided that the name of the latest release should be kept PHP7.

2. New Zend engine is integrated into PHP7
Zend engine (not to be confused with Zend framework) has been empowering PHP since years. It was introduced in the year 1999 with PHP 4. However, PHP 5 has the new Zend engine 2, which has got improved functionality to enhance the performance of PHP.

3. Double speed
All the operations happen at double the speed in PHP7. Along with the improved performance using new Zend engine, the code in PHP 7 can be executed very fast. Apart from that, the number of servers needed to serve the same number of users will be lesser.

4. Easy error handling process
Initially, it was not so easy to handle errors for PHP developers. In PHP 7, the new engine handles the errors by replacing it with exception, otherwise the errors would have been returned repeatedly.

5. 64 Bit Windows system support
Though the native environment of PHP is LINUX, it can also run on Windows operating system. PHP 5.x series did not support 64 bit support and larger file assistance. However, PHP 7 supports both which will help us to run language on 54 bit Windows system.

6. Clean environment
PHP 7 has been created with the intention of bringing in improvement by freeing up the space. So, it eliminated the unwanted functionalities, outdated server APIs which are not supported as well as extensions.

7. Type declaration enhancement
PHP 7 has come up with 4 types of declarations that include Int, Float, String and Bool. This will help developers to improve the quality of code.

The above mentioned points were some of the most exciting tweaks about PHP 7. So, make sure you start using it at the earliest and make the most out of it so as to take your business to the next level!

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