Web based Community Room Booking Management Solution

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Client Requirements

The client is a reputed grocery store services provider in USA. Initially started as fresh foods store in Ohio, the client has now got to its name, several branches of grocery stores in various parts of the country. Not only this, the client has also got a chain of pharmacies and restaurants across USA. The firm provides various services like copy and fax, library book drop, carpet cleaner rentals, load and go, event tickets booking, catering and community room reservation for various events.

The client requirement was plugin customization for their WordPress website allowing of efficient and easy community room booking. The client wanted to customize plugin so that they can manage online community room booking for events like bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, scout programs and not-for-profit meetings.

Client expected the following functionalities to be added to the system:

  • Complete customization of the community room booking management plugin as per client needs
  • Plugin customization by Order
  • Time slots setting for interval based community room booking
  • Creation of drop downs for start and end interval time

Project Challenges

Team faced the following challenges:

  • Customizing the booking management plugin to meet the exact client’s requirements
  • Creation of drop downs for start time and end time intervals with Ajax technology
  • Time slots set up for the interval based booking
Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management CentOS Linux
Development Tools & Environments PHP5+,Wordpress, AJAXJava Script, HTML5, CSS3 etc.
Database MYSQL Database Server


Project Leader 1
Developers 1


A completely customized approach was adopted by our WordPress developers to customize the plugin to meet the client requirements of online community room booking management. Our developers had to invest their time and dig deep into their WordPress knowledge in order to understand the functionality in the existing system and then go for customizing the plugin which was already there in order to implement the client’s requirements. They well planned the approach and the tools or technologies to implement for the creation of drop downs and time slots for interval based room booking. The time slots of half hour were maintained while the plugin was customized so that the user can manage the community room bookings by order too.


This project is basically built on the top of WordPress architecture. PHP5, WordPress and Linux Server remain the core technologies on which the basis website of the client is based upon. However, for customization of WordPress plugin as per client’s needs, the Ajax technology was implemented by our developers in order to set up the drop downs with start and end time intervals for room booking.

Development Highlights

The highlight of this project is the customization of plugin such that users can book the rooms according to the fixed time slots with fixed interval in between them. Our developers were successfully able to understand the existing functionality of the website and customize the already existing plugin according to client’s needs. Ajax technology was used judiciously in order to create the start and end time drop downs. The client’s requirements were satisfied to the best using the latest technology and within the promised timelines.

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