Web Design Trends To Look Forward In 2013-14

For the past 2 decades, the web has evolved through a single portal and a single paradigm such as a page. However, in the last two years, both have wiped out due to proliferation of Smartphone devices and the latest browser technologies. These days there is a huge paradigm shift happening in a website design industry. The way information is delivered, created and conveyed changed a lot. It’s getting traction, but it’s going to be ruled by the website designers as well as user experience designers.

Today, new technology platforms are creating a huge ground for the website designers as well as for a professional website design company to create innovative interactions between the computers and humans, which will transform the web into more usable and desirable. So, what is the future of web design? What are the trends to look forward in 2013-2014 to appeal the users?

Let’s take a look at the trends in web design that will change the way we think about web design and user experience.

Mobile Mania is going to rule…

There is no denying that mobile market is booming these days, and it is going to rule the internet world in the near future. While mobile has emsserged as an effective and powerful marketing tool for the businesses or organizations, it has become critical for the website designers to create a wide and compelling range of new user experience to appeal the users.

Of course, mobile devices and other innovations in the mobile technology are impressive, but website design is struggling to keep up the pace with varying screen sizes and use-cases presented by the mobile devices launched every now and then. However, website designers are leveraging from the responsive web design concept to deliver an optimal user experience.

Storytelling and Visceral Design is getting momentum…

The days are gone when websites were using a loose collection of pages that are merely associated or related to one another. Being a designer, you will have to embrace the core significance of the story and fuse it with unique elements of digital media to tell stories of user interest. Today, the best web design is not about creating landing pages or a website full of pages, but it is all about a collection of short, singularly focused HTML documents and loosely coupled with each other under directories that easy to understand.

A story-driven, well-crafted and visceral experience builds real value for teams that is trying to get it right. Design is the basic thing based on which the companies are evaluated. By bringing an intuitive approach to the design, you can easily provide an improved user experience.

Implications associated with the interface and experience design….

While the methods for manipulating content and related experiences grow, it will become critical for the designers to design interface effectively. Starting from the leap motion and Kinnect gesture control interfaces, to Siri and Google Now voice-based UIs, to the Pebble watch and more, the web will be accessed in different ways.

So, designers will have to think deeply and understand various ways through which users will interact with the contents, apart from swipes and clicks, to build the user experience.

What’s your take on web designing trends in 2013-2014? Share your views in the comments…!

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